Why Sponsor TreeofSaviorGame.com?

If you are a game developer, sells gaming peripherals, eSports group, online gaming tournament organizer or in any industry that targets gamers in general, and you want to enhance your website and brand awareness, sponsoring our website can help you achieve your advertising goals.

We are offering an exclusive opportunity for your company to enhance brand awareness among MMO gamers in TreeofSaviorGame.com.

Website Statistics

Our website comprises of three (3) sections:

Blog – News updates about Tree of Savior
Forum – Tree of Savior community building and sharing with 1,000+ active members
Wiki – Tree of Savior Wiki that contains the knowledgebase about Tree of Savior

Visitors Analytics

All combined, our website generates at least 600,000+ page views a month over 50,000+ unique visitors and have an Alexa ranking of 300,000. This table also shows that 43.89% of the visitors who visited TreeofSaviorGame.com are new visitors. This shows the growth potential of our website.

Our visitors are highly targeted. Each user spends an average of 4 minutes and 18 seconds browsing TreeofSaviorGame.com and read average of six (6) pages. The bounce rate shows an outstanding result of 12.25%. This means only 12.25% of visitors actually left after seeing one (1) page and 87.75% of our visitors are highly engaged with the content of our website. It is worth noting that the numbers shown in Google Analytics for our website are doing better compared to the market average.  

Market Average:

– Avg Session Duration: 3 Minutes 55 seconds
– Avg Pages/Session: 3.66 pages
– Bounce Rate: 52.58%
(Source: Google Analytics Benchmark)

Search Engine & Social Media Marketing

We also have an extremely effective marketing strategy to promote our website.

TreeofSaviorGame.com is rank second or third place for our targeted keywords, just after the official game developer’s website. We have collaborated with gaming news websites such as: MMOSite, MMOCulture, 2P.com, OnRPG, MMOHuts and Gamek.vn to create an information highway for Tree of Savior related news.

We also make use of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube as channels to market TreeofSaviorGame.com. Currently our best performing social networks are:

Facebook: 6,000 Page Likes
Twitter: 700 Followers

Visitor Demographics


Women: 13%
Men: 87%

Age Group:

Age 13-17: 7%
Age 18-24: 52%
Age 25-34: 25%
Others: 16%


North & South America: 37.17%
South East Asia: 34.51%
Europe Region: 11.34%
East Asia: 8.5%
Others: 8.48


Desktop: 87.36%
Mobile: 10.82%
Tablet: 1.82%

Advertisement Space

We only offer one (1) type of advertisement size now.  More sizes will be available later in the future.

Type A: Size: 728 x 90 (Top of Website)

Location: Site wide (Blog, Forum, Wiki)
: Image Only
Rotating Ads: Yes
Maximum Rotating Ads: Limited to three (3) only
Options to own the space (no ad rotation): Yes



Contact us for pricing and questions regarding site sponsoring.

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