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TOS Question & Answer #1

Tree of Savior Questions & Answers #1

Tree of Savior Official Blog posted an article on Tree of Savior Q&A #1, below is the summary of the article.

  1. Tree of Savior is completely MMORPG. However during quests, cut scenes, and event scenes, player may be temporary switched to independent mode to avoid interruption.
    Tree of Savior is fully MMORPG
  2. Tree of Savior is played fully using a keyboard, mouse may not be used.
  3. Player’s gender is not linked to character’s gender.
    Not Gender Locked
  4. There are four basic classes in the game; Swordsman, wizard, Archer and Cleric. It is possible to further develop the class without switching to an upper class.
    Class Advancement
  5. Maps in the game are zoned.
  6. Different classes have exclusive costumes. Player can wear accessories on hair, head, weapons and shields.
  7. There are no plans for Player versus Player (PvP) yet. However, there will be some kind of tournaments where single or party players can attend. Developers are also planning on large scale PvP contents.
    Tree of Savior PVP
  8. Large volume of quests are prepared, but most of them are not mandatory.
  9. Quests are all registered in Adventure Journal.
    Adventure Journal
  10. Plan to launch CBT in summer. (Editor’s Note: CBT launch has been delayed)
  11. Game is not completely optimized yet, so the developers did not reveal the system requirements.
Focus Group Test

IMC Games Started Focus Group Test For Tree of Savior Game

On February 14th 2014, IMC Games started recruiting Korean gamers to participate in the Focus Group Test. Korean players can register at the official website.

The Focus Group Test can only be participated by Korean residents. This is because they want native Koreans to provide detailed and precise feedback on Tree of Savior game.

The Focus Group Test was held on Feb 25, Mar 4, Mar 11 and Mar 18. A Closed Beta Testing for international players will begin after the Focus Group Test.

Focus Group Test Announcement
Focus Group Test Announcement
TOS First Gameplay Video

First Tree of Savior Gamplay Video Revealed in G-Star 2013

Tree of Savior is an extremely anticipated game by various players from around the world. In G-Star 2013, Kim Hakkyu has decided to reveal the first gameplay video to the public.

IMC Games was initially exhibiting WolfKnights in the B2B exhibition area in G-Star 2013 gaming trade show. However, the general public was keener on learning more about “Project R1″ game that was introduced in Hangame EX 2011. So Kim Hakkyu surprised the public with a Tree of Savior Trailer.

Kim Hakkyu said that they initially did not plan to release the video to the public. However, G-Star 2013 looked like the perfect place to introduce some information to the media.

Tree of Savior is completely different from the battle style title “WolfKnights”. Tree of Savior is 2D animated character on a 3D background, similar to Ragnarok Online. Many games out there have claimed to enter the Ragnarok Online niche, however most of them failed. Kim Hakkyu does not know why many failed, but as the father of Ragnarok Online, he certainly knows what he’s doing.

Kim Hakkyu want to build IMC Games similar to LEGO (toy) brand, where they aim to work on many Intellectual Properties (IP) in variety of games.


"Project R1" Renamed as "Tree of Savior"

IMC Games Renamed Project R1 to Tree of Savior

NHN Entertainment (old publisher, new publisher unknown) announced that IMC Games has renamed “Project R1″ as “Tree of Savior”.  It took approximately 12 days for IMC Games to find the name. The focal point of the game will be the spirit of the forest, the “savior tree”.

The game features a 2D character in a 3D environment in an isometric view of the surrounding, differentiating Tree of Savior from most 3D MMORPG games. This decision to create a 2.5D was pushed by the depreciating attention on 3D games. So one day the developer said “Let’s make a 2D game that highlights the attractiveness of the game”.

“Project R1″ has undergone four years of development. Most of the basic contents has been developed and right now the developers are refining the game. CBT is expected to begin at the second half of this year.

"Project R1" Renamed as "Tree of Savior"

When interviewed Kim Hakkyu, he said “I want to create a friendly, cute and casual game”.  Kim Hakkyu is the lead developer of popular online game “Ragnarok Online” and “Granado Espada”.


Kim Hakkyu from IMC Games

Kim Hakkyu Starts New Ragnarok Online-Like Game

Following the completion of Granado Espada, Kim Hakkyu will start to work on two titles (later revealed as WolfKnights and Tree of Savior). Both projects are funded by IMC Games.

“I’m working on two new projects,” Kim said. “One is an MMORPG with a more basic structure, one character to control, but with some deeper, weirder stuff thrown in there. The other title is more niche. It’ll be a 2D cross 3D game in the Ragnarok style. It’ll be pretty different from other games. I’m moving in both directions.” –