Additional 4,000 Beta Keys for Tree of Savior English CBT

imcGAMES have announced that they will be giving out another 4,000 additional beta keys for Tree of Savior English CBT! This is the result of a favorable test condition, server processing capabilities and solid infrastructure.

The first 3,000 beta keys will be given out like before. Members who have logged into the website at least once will have a chance of obtaining a key. Unless:

  1. You are already selected as a tester
  2. Your country already have a publisher

The beta key will be sent to your registered email account today at 09:00 ~ 10:30 am EDT.

Additional 1,000 beta keys will be given to the top 1,000 ranking players in terms of character level today at 11:00 am EDT.

  1. Your Steam account must be authenticated to receive the additional key
  2. The keys will be sent to your email address, it will not be published online
  3. You can share the key with your friend

More info at the official website.

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