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Tree of Savior iCBT2 FAQS – Streaming & Extra Beta Keys

Shawn, one of the staffs from imcGAMES just published a FAQ for the upcoming Tree of Savior iCBT2.  The staffs have decided to allow streaming of Tree of Savior, however players are still prohibited to abuse bugs and systems in the stream.

Another point brought up was beta keys for fan site managers. Registration has closed now and fan site managers may get extra keys. As such, if you have not received your key or did not manage to register one yourself within the registration period (due to time differences), feel free to drop by and let us in the forums.

Below are the full FAQs covered by imcGAMES staff, Shawn on the TOS iCBT2:

1. Can I ask for more keys after the registration period? I want to enjoy TOS with more people.

We are sorry, but no. After the registration period is over, we are not going to accept any more requests for the keys. However, if you are a fan site manager, we may consider providing you with more keys. Please make sure your site information is updated at the following address of our website.

Here is the required information to be confirmed.
– Name of the community site
– Website URL
– Number of registered members (size of community)
– Country (Language)
– Description of the site (Optional)

We will consider providing you with more keys after thorough review of the site information.

2. From the announcement that was publicized last week, it was stated that the fans from the countries where TOS has local publishers will be excluded from the test, but I was able to register for the test. Will I be able to play during CBT2? If not, when you mentioned the countries, are you referring to the nationalities or the countries where people live in?

Among our registrants, we are going to sort out the testers who are from the countries where we already have our local publishers at the point of the registration. We seek for your kind understanding and recommend you to participate for the tests in your local region. We are referring to the countries where our fans reside in at the point of the registration instead of their nationalities.

3. Can I stream videos from TOS?

Yes. You can stream videos from TOS, but you are prohibited from streaming videos that contain scenes of abusing bugs or any systems in the game.

4. How can I activate the Beta Key and where can I download the client?

You can start to download the game after you receive the Beta Key. The keys will be distributed from October 21st ~ 23rd. Once you receive the key, please refer to this URL to activate your key and download the game.

5. After the 2nd Beta Test, will the data from the beta test be reset like the 1st CBT?

It is not confirmed yet, but it is likely that the data from the 2nd Beta Test will be reset since we are keep developing the game.

* Since we are accommodating lots of our fans to the test this time, it is hard for us to reply you every time when we receive inquiries. We will keep update this post when we receive new inquiries that need to be shared with you so please check this post first whenever you have inquiries.


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