More Tree of Savior Beta Keys For Second CBT

IMCGAMES is going to release more beta keys to the public. Everyone whose country does not have a publisher and did not have a beta key can now login at with the Facebook and Google+ accounts to register for their beta key.

Here’s the official statement.

Hello. We are IMCGAMES TOS Team.

To accommodate more fans to the new server, we’ve been contacting Steam to obtain more keys and the keys have been just approved today.

The registration process will be the same as last time. You have to first log into our website and click on [Register for 2nd CBT] button which will be displayed on the top right corner of our website.
We are going to accept registrations from you until November 6th, 00:00 AM (EST).

Due to limited number of Beta Keys, we will select our testers by using a lucky draw method. The selected testers will receive the keys through their emails and they can also check their keys on our website by clicking on [Check your Beta Key] button from November 6th.
Thank you.

*Please note that the registrants from the regions where we have our local publishers will be excluded the selection process. We recommend you to participate for the tests in your local regions.

Thank you.

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