142,799 Registered For Second Beta Key Giveaway!

142,799 Registered For Second Beta Key Giveaway!

Following a second beta key giveaway announcement, a whooping 142,799+ have registered for the keys. Making the total registrations for up to 300,000 (including the initial registrations) for Tree of Savior’s second CBT.

Second Key Giveaway Registrations
Screenshot taken 30 minutes before 12AM

Winners are chosen through a lucky draw on the same day. Keep in mind that the load on the mail server may cause a delay to your keys, so please be patient about it. You can also check your status by visiting TreeofSavior.com and click on [Check your Beta Key] button on the top right corner after logging in.

IMCGAMES (with Steam) have increased the server count from a mere six to a total of sixteen servers to cater for the big crowd. Four of the sixteen servers are specifically for the Latin American region.

For those who are reading this post and did not register for the second beta key giveaway. I’m sorry to say the registration is closed. However, we may have some surprise coming up later so please stay tuned for the next TOSGame announcement.

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A total of 24k keys will be sent out and it will take about 160 hours to reach everyone. IMCGAMES is getting Steam to release more keys, once the keys are released they will distribute it as soon as it is available.

Read the full announcement:

We’ve completed selecting the testers for the additional Beta Keys and we will begin sending out the first batch the keys to 24,000 testers from this point on.
We apologize that we are not able to send the keys to all selected testers at the moment because of lack of Beta keys.

We are contacting with Steam to receive more beta keys. When we receive more beta keys from Steam, we will immediately send them to the rest of our selected testers. Please kindly understand our situation.

There may be some delays depending on the mail server’s processing capacity so we expect that it would take approximately 160 hours to complete sending out all the emails.

Thank you.

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