Tree of Savior Cleric Class Explained

Tree of Savior Cleric Class Explained

Tree of Savior Cleric class translations. We are still gathering data and analyzing them. We will update this article when we have new information.



[Magic] – [Holy]Cleric Heal
Recovers your HP or create buff zone which can damage foes.
Level 1
Damage 22
HP Recover Rate: 64~79
Duration (Buff Zone): 40 sec


[Magic] – [Holy]Cleric Cure
Removes injurious effect or creates a buff zones that damages foes.
Level 1
Damage 9
Number of Attacks: 7 times
Duration: 6s

Safety Zone

Creates a defensive buff zone that blocks incoming attacksCleric Safety Zone
Level 1
No. Attacks: 2
Duration: 20s

Deprotected Zone

Creates buff zone that reduces foes’ defense continuouslyCleric Deprotected Zone
Level 1
Defense Reduced: 2 Points (Additional 1 point when stacked)
Duration: 5s

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