Tree of Savior Archer Class Explained

Tree of Savior Archer Class Explained

Tree of Savior Archer class translations. We are still gathering data and analyzing them. We will update this article when we have new information.


Swift Steps

Increase movement speed of moving shot (archer attack while walking backwards)Archer Swift Steps Skill
Level 1
Speed Increase: 5%
Defense: -9
Duration: 18s
Level 2
Speed Increase: 6%
Defense: -8
Duration: 21s

Multi Shot

[Physical] – [stab]Archer Multi Shot Skill
Shooting multiple arrows rapidly at a designated area.
Level 1
Damage 3
No. of Attacks: 2
Level 2
Damage 6
No. of Attacks: 3

Full Draw

[Physical] – [Stab]Archer Full Draw Skill
Drawing string fully that arrow penetrates enemy. The enemy gets skewered together.
Level 1
Damage: 18
Draw Duration: 6s
Level 2
Damage: 32
Draw Duration: 7s

Kneeling Shot

[Physical] – [stab]Archer Kneeling Shot Skill
Attacking while kneeling. Increases range and damage.
Level 1
Physical Damage: +17
Range: +12.5
Level 2
Physical Damage: +19
Range: +15

We are still updating this article…
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