Tree of Savior Swordsman Class Explained

Tree of Savior Swordsman Class Explained

Tree of Savior Swordsman Class. As the name implies, a Swordsman have great endurance and uses various weapons to combat melee enemies.



[Physical] – [Stab]TOS Swordsman Skill Thrust
Stabs powerfully and push enemy back.
Level 1
Physical Damage: +18
Splash: 1


[Physical] – [Slash]TOS Swordsman Skill Bash
Swings a weapon widely to damage enemy.
Level 1
Physical Damage: +16
Splash 4


Increases damage and decreases defense of swordsman.TOS Swordsman Skill Gungho
Level 1
Physical damage: +7
Physical defense: -7
Duration: 65s


Increases the power of attacking skills for X number of attacks.TOS Swordsman Skill Concentrate
Level 1
Physical damage +5
No. of attacks: 1
Duration: 22s

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