Tree of Savior Wizard Class Explained

Tree of Savior Wizard Class Explained

Tree of Savior Wizard Class. Wizards use magic to stop the opponents’ attacks and protect themselves. They can either attack a single target with powerful blows or attack large group of enemies with area of effect spells.


Energy Bolt

[Magic]Tree of Savior Wizard Energy Bolt Skill
Attack with an intense energy
Level 1
Magic Damage 23
Cast Time: 1s
Splash 4


Make enemy feel tired.Tree of Savior Wizard Lethargy Skill
Level 1
Physical Damage: -5
Magical Damage: -6
Evasion: -2
[Lethargy] Duration: 30s


Tree of Savior Wizard Sleep SkillMakes monsters sleep. Monster will wake up when is hit for a certain number of times. Otherwise it will wake up after the sleep duration.
Level 1
[Sleep] Duration: 3s
No. of Attack: 1 Time
Explanation: Skill Level 1: Monster will wake up when hit for 1 time or after 3s.

Reflect Shield

Makes a protective shield that reflects attackTree of Savior Wizard Reflect Shield Skill
Level 1
Damage Reflected: 14
Duration: 14s
No. of Reflection: 2

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