G-Star 2014 Exhibitor's List

Tree of Savior Developer, IMC Games Confirms Attendance to G-Star 2014

G-Star is the largest Korean Game Exhibition organized by Korea Internet Digital Entertainment Association (K-iDEA). On November 7th, the staffs updated the exhibitor’s list and I am pleased to announce that IMC Games will be attending G-Star 2014 in November 20th – 23rd. The old article on October 13th on IMC Games’ absence from G-Star 2014 is outdated.

G-Star 2014 is set to break its previous year’s record again with 2,558 registered exhibitors this year, up 297 booths (13%) from 2,261 booths 2013. Registered BTB booths are 1,026 booths this year, up 137 booths (13.5%) from 1,026 booths in 2013. Exhibitor’s registration deadline was 26th September 2014. Total participating companies increased 24 companies to 536 companies from 512 companies in 2013.

Category G-Star 2013 G-Star 2014
Total Booths 2,261 2,558
Total BTB Booths 1,026 1,163
Participating Companies 512 536

IMC Games’ G-Star 2014 Attendance Confirmed

Dear Andronicus,

We’ll update our exhibitor’s list and floor plan within this week, So please wait for a day to check the list.

Many thanks,

When I received this email on November 6th, 2014 by a G-Star 2014 staff. I knew the Tree of Savior community is up for a treat and my predictions were correct. Wish granted everybody! When I checked the exhibitor’s list today, IMC Games has booked themselves in G-Star BTB convention hall. The BTB section will run from 20th – 22nd November for those who are interested. Check out the exhibitor’s list below. Whether IMC Games will announce anything in regards to Tree of Savior still remains unknown. However, I am expecting more news on WolfKnights, Tree of Savior, CBT news, more videos, more game plays and publisher status.

Past Tree of Savior Exhibitions

In 2011, IMC Games showcased “Project R1” at Hangame Expo (owned by NHN Entertainment). The developers shared many details about the game. That is when the term “spiritual successor of Ragnarok Online” was caught on with the game.

Two years later, IMC Games attended G-Star 2013 to showcase their latest 3D MOBA game, WolfKnights. Upon receiving many questions about Tree of Savior, Kim Hakkyu decided to share about Tree of Savior and even released the first TOS game play video due to the massive interest of the game.

Closed Beta Testing is expected to release late 2014 or early 2015. Like and follow our Facebook Page and Twitter for the latest news regarding Tree of Savior.

Exhibitor’s List

IMC Games booked into M02 in G-Star 2014 BTB Convention Hall
IMC Games booked into M02 in G-Star 2014 BTB Convention Hall
G-Star 2014 BTC Convention Hall
G-Star 2014 BTC Convention Hall
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