Pre G-STAR Live Blog

Pre G-STAR 2014 Live Blog

This is the live blog for pre G-STAR 2014. This blog article will cover the latest events leading to the explosion of G-STAR in 20th November 2014. Keep in mind that this is how G-STAR 2014 live blog coverage will look like. Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to get up to date once we publish the live blog.  We will announce the availability of the live blog once it is ready. Please also share the word so that others can get up to date as well.

*Live blog does not auto update so you will need to refresh it for updates. 

Live Updates

18 Nov

NC SOFT released game play video for Lineage Eternal

18 Nov

NC SOFT released Project HON Highlight Movie

18 Nov

G-STAR still in constructionThese guys will be working overnight to get the job done before 20th November.

17 Nov

Panoramic view of BEXCO

17 Nov

Workers sticking up banners for G-STAR 2014

11:01 PM
17 Nov

Welcome to G-STAR 2014

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