Tree of Savior a Surprise in G-STAR 2014?

I believe imcGAMES is incorporating the “suspense marketing” strategy for their upcoming and most anticipated title called Tree of Savior. Tree of Savior was hinted in early 2009 during an interview with Gamasutra. The fans were taken on a suspense ride for five years until earlier this year when imcGAMES revealed some information on the official blog.  Since the last blog update, things has been relatively quiet from imcGAMES, NEXON and G-STAR 2014.  Read on.

Believe it or not, since the last blog update, the only official imcGAMES updates were the following:

  1. imcGAMES testing 21:9 aspect ratio monitor
  2. NEXON and imcGAMES partnership

Yup, only two updates. The updates you’ve received online were either the controversial unofficial prediction began from this website that led to the harassment of G-STAR officials for information, and then only the recent official NEXON’s G-STAR video.

Other than that, there aren’t much going with the official news. Even the BEXCO exhibition halls tell the same story.

No Tree of Savior banners in sight

Trust me, I took a walk in the BEXCO grounds two days ago, there were Maple Story 2, Sudden Attack, Arpiel, Hungry Apps and everything except Tree of Savior. However, NEXON did promised that we are getting lots of screenshots and new trailer video for Tree of Savior. But is that really what they claim?


I was doubtful, so I checked the G-STAR NEXON website and found NEXON’s G-STAR schedule. Translated it and found out that Tree of Savior was not included in the schedule at all. But NEXON did make Tree of Savior “a big deal” in their G-STAR introduction video with the three “AND AND AND” right before Tree of Savior’s short clip.


So what exactly is going on?

Filling in the Blanks

As you can see from the BEXCO exhibition building and the NEXON schedule, each of them left an empty space for God knows what. I personally choose to believe that these empty spaces are there for Tree of Savior.

If my prediction is correct, we will receive a big surprise on Tree of Savior early in the morning tomorrow. But if my prediction is wrong, I still have a little secret planned for you lot on November 20th.

Either way, just keep calm and wait for CBT. All we need to know is:

  1. We are promised new screenshots and new trailer videos
  2. imcGAMES is keeping up pace for international CBT
  3. A little secret on the November 20th

More information tomorrow! Stay tuned!

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