Tree of Savior Confirms Free to Play & General FAQs

Tree of Savior Confirms Free to Play & Gameplay FAQs

Since the last meeting with imcGAMES, we discussed the possibility of Free to Play for Tree of Savior. Today, the FAQs section of the official TOS Nexon website confirmed that Tree of Savior will be Free to Play. Players can enhance gaming experience with Cash Shop (Microtransaction) by purchasing variety of items in the game. This article is the English version of the FAQ questions in the Nexon TOS website.

Not all FAQs were translated. We have handpicked some questions that we think are more relevant to the community.

Q: Is Tree of Savior a paid subscription game?
A: You can play Tree of Savior free of charge. Players can enhance gaming experience with the variety of items available in the cash shop. The cash shop is scheduled to release later in the future.

Q: What are the limitations of the character name lengths? 
A: Character names must be at least 2 (Korean) characters long, you can create up to 8 (Korean) characters.

Q: How do I change my character name?
A: Press “F1″ at the upper left side of the keyboard. Press the “!” icon to modify character’s name.

Q: How many companions can I adopt?
A: There is no limit to how many companions you can adopt.

Q: I have reached level 15, where should I go for class advancement? 
A: After you have reached level 15, go to “Klaipeda” City. You can find the desired Master NPC for all the classes you want to advance to. They will assist you in changing job classes.

Q: Can I change channels in the game?
A: Yes. While in game, press the “Change Channel UI” and select the desired channel.

Q: Can I move the character with the mouse? 
A: You can only use keyboard to control characters in Tree of Savior. Unfortunately you cannot use mouse to move the character.

Q: Can I perform my quests with my party members?
A: The only quests you can do with your party members are quests that are named as party quests. Each of your individual quests will be progressed and finished independently even during party playing.

Q: How do I create a character? 
A: When you have logged into Tree of Savior for the first time, you can click the “Create New Character” button in the barrack. You can select all the base classes, Swordsman, Wizard, Cleric and Archer.

You may change your “hairstyles” when creating your character, and after entering your “character name,” you have created your character.

Q: How is Tree of Savior rated? 
A: Tree of Savior is rated Everyone. Everyone can play Tree of Savior.

Q: Will you reset all data when the Closed Beta Testing ends?
A: When Closed Beta Testing is finished, all the game data will be reset. Please look forward to the next testing schedule.


Translation assisted by: Insung Kim

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