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CBT Screenshots Allowed – GM Leslie Second TOS FAQ

GM Leslie posted a second surprise Tree of Savior FAQs in the TOS Nexon website. We have covered most of these questions in our previous articles. Nevertheless, the important questions were:

  1. Can I register CBT with multiple accounts?
  2. Can I broadcast Tree of Savior CBT?
  3. Can I change the hairstyle and eye color

Since the previous FAQ, GM Leslie has collected more questions from the Nexon notice board. She will guide us through all the frequently asked questions.

Q: I want to make sure that I can participate as a CBT tester. Can I register CBT with multiple account?
A: Even if you submit the CBT application using the many accounts, you still have to go through identity authentication after submission or enter personal information. So it is no use since multiple submissions will be filtered out of the system prior to tester’s selection.

Q: Can I broadcast Tree of Savior CBT Online via streaming?
A: I know that many of you want to show off your excellent control skills online via streaming to all your friends. However, please understand that the operating policy of the first Tree of Savior CBT prohibits online broadcasting.

These are the exact terms of the Operational Policy:

Rights and Obligation of the Tester:

1. The tester must not broadcast the CBT test online
2. You cannot test Tree of Savior or install the client in public places such as Internet cafes, library etc.
3. The test keys cannot be shared or traded with other players. You will not get protection on your account for term violations if you do so.

The purpose of prohibiting online streaming is to ensure that the intention of CBT is focused on testing and to prevent spoilers.

This policy does not apply to screenshots or blog updates about Tree of Savior CBT though.

Q: I’d like to change hairstyle and eye color.  
A: Unfortunately, in this CBT you cannot change your eye color.

Tree of Savior Hairstyle

However, you can change your hairstyle while creating a new character via the barrack and various accessories are ready in the game. Please note that more customization features will be develop later in the future.

“I am a male. Can I create a female character?” is a frequently asked question as well. Like hairstyle, you can select any gender you wish in the game.

Q: I haven’t check (uploaded) my PC specification.
A: Don’t worry about it. The purpose of collecting PC specs is to allow us to collect a statistical figure of the operating environment of the potential users. That way, we can analyze the data and optimize the game based on the statistical figure of the minimum spec.

Q: Tree of Savior is not a catchy name. Please tell us how to memorize the Tree of Savior. (Editor’s Note: The Koreans read Tree of Savior as “teuli obeu seibieo”. It is a romanized word that carries no meaning in Korean language. This explains why this question was asked)
A: Tree of savior means “Tree of Savior (Korean translation)”. Some people ask whether that ‘tree’ literally means a tree. Yes, it is a tree. If you pick things up quickly, you already have noticed that there are trees here and there in our illustrations and images.

Tree of Savior Logo Faq
Tree of Savior logo.

GM Leslie also pointed out that many people have registered their interest for Tree of Savior Closed Beta Testing and they will be going through the 200 words thoroughly. She will also do her best to ensure that the CBT will be smooth.

Today is the last day of 2014, Happy New Year and we will see GM Leslie again next Wednesday in 2015.

Translation assisted by: Seung Hwan Lee
(Do message us in our Facebook Page if you’d like to contribute as a Korean to English translator)

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