"YouTube Recording OK" - GM Lesley Third Surprise FAQ

“YouTube Recording OK” – GM Lesley Third Surprise FAQ

GM Lesley just posted a third surprise FAQ. A lot of questions are covered in the latest FAQ. The important ones are Tree of Savior YouTube recording is allowed! Also, beta testers cannot test the game in public areas.

  1. Is YouTube video uploads prohibited?
  2. Please explain more about Barrack (Team) Name and Character Name.
  3. How many characters can we create in the barrack?

Q: There has been some confusion in the Nexon TOS Forum regarding the Internet Cafe issue discussed in FAQ #2. Can you be more specific?
A: It doesn’t mean that you cannot become a tester if you applied in an Internet Cafe. However, you will be in a disadvantage if you are mass-applying with many accounts under the same IP. If you are just applying together with friends and family, that is perfectly fine.

After the previous FAQ, we have people asking questions like “What if I am living with my grandparents” and “I have a family of five”. We don’t know whether that account belongs to your uncle, grandpa, or your cousin unless you have confirmed account in the system. However, I have to stress that sharing accounts even with your family members violates the operational policy. Do us a favor, don’t be a bad guy by ruining other people’s chances of testing the game using stolen accounts.

Q: Is it true that we cannot test Tree of Savior in Internet Cafe’s (PC Bang)?
A: The following is the operational policy of the first CBT:

Rights and Obligation of the Tester:
2) Testers of Tree of Savior may not install the client and play Tree of Savior in public places such as Internet Cafes and Library.

The fact is, we cannot search all the internet cafes in the country during the test period. However, beta testers are probably going to experience bugs, balance issues and etc that we haven’t discovered yet, it will be grateful if you can play at home with your door closed. However, we can accept inevitable cases where there is no computer at home or mom thinks you are out to study … etc to play outside home.

Q: I understand the reason for online streaming. However, is YouTube video uploads prohibited as well?
A: Not prohibited. Video recording and screenshots can be shared. The “online broadcasting” policy only applies to online streaming or other similar forms of real-time broadcasting.

Q: For the tester application, why do you have to ask for our goals? It felt like an entrance examination.
A: Frankly speaking, it is difficult to provide the users with “stable gameplay environment” during the first CBT. The reason is that contrary to many beliefs (especially by international fans), we do not have hundreds of people developing Tree of Savior in imcGAMES. Sometimes, users may discover bugs in many ways that the developers would never have thought of. Some users may even show interesting behavior patterns. We need to monitor those. 

After the CBT, your feedbacks and suggestions will be a great help to our development. Therefore, in the CBT, we need players who dearly love the game and have pioneer spirits that do not give up easily.

In order to select the right people for the Tree of Savior CBT, we included some survey questions, and since you have written with effort between busy moments, we will do our best to select the testers fairly.

Q: Is it real that you get selected if you are active in the bulletin boards or internet cafes or communities?
A: No. But we are reading everything that you write. Thank you for your support.
We would like to comment every writing, but that would seem to be impossible. We would try it out if we get to know how to duplicate ourselves.

Tree of Savior Real Time Korean Chatroom

Q: Please explain more about Barrack Name and Character Name. 

Tree of Savior Name

A: I will use this screenshot as an example. As you can see, the text on the right is the “Team Name”, Lesley. The text on the left is “Character Name”, KongKong.

Tree of Savior Name

Team Name: 레즐리 (Leslie)
Characters belong to Team 레즐리 (Leslie): Leslie, Kong2222
(Refer to the character information at top left)

Tree of Savior Name

During whisper (Private Chat) or global shout using microphone, the Team Name is published instead. You can see this in the screenshot, 레즐리 (Lesley) is used instead of character name (refer to top of screenshot).

Both Character Name and Team Name are displayed in the ranking UI.

Q: How many characters can we create in the barrack? 
A: Party member maximum is 5 people. and you can make 4 characters in one ID (barrack). No guild system in this CBT.

Next Wednesday, GM Lesley will announce the accounts that have been shortlisted as CBT testers. Stay tuned!

Article Translated by: Insung Kim

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