GM Leslie Surprise FAQ #5

GM Lesley Surprise FAQ #5

GM Lesley have just published the surprise FAQ #5. This is the last “surprise FAQ” from GM Lesley. We are currently translating the article. Stay tuned for more info. You can help us by suggesting translation in the forum section. Thank you.

Q: How was the progress of the CBT?
A: Day 1, there was a bug with an archer class that caused frame rate drops. Myself and other testers were all effected by the issue. The testers even tried to stay away from archer classes. The bug was resolved in late evening and the issue did not occur on the second day.

However, there was a new problem in Day 2. Some skills triggered server crashes and some party issues did not work properly. Also, there were issues with Bokor Mama’s Quest, so we had spent 20 minutes fixing the issues.

Day 3, large scale skill modifications were made and we started the Experience Growth event.

Day 4, there was an explosion of rank 3 and 4 classes as we increased experience points. We also adjusted the difficulty level of job change quests.

1. Most Selected Base Class Ranking 

  1. Swordman
  2. Wizard
  3. Archer
  4. Cleric

2. Most Selected Advanced Class Ranking

  1. Highlander
  2. Pyromancer
  3. Ranger
  4. Peltasta
  5. Cryomancer
  6. Krivis
  7. Priest
  8. Barbarian
  9. Quarrel Shooter
  10. Bokor
  11. Hoplite
  12. Psycokino
  13. Sapper
  14. Dievdirbys
  15. Linker
  16. Paladin
  17. Elementalist
  18. Cataphrapt
  19. Rodelero
  20. Hunter
  21. Sadbu
  22. Thaumaturge
  23. Wugushi

3. Most High level Ranking

TOS CBT Level Ranking

4. Highest Enhancement 

TOS Highest Enhancement

He was also with me to identify bug issues.

Q: How do I report bugs and improvement and how are they collected? 
A: All bugs and improvement suggestions that have been informed to GM Lesley, GM Namuppuli (Tree Roots) and imcGAMES have been submitted to the relevant department.

Bug and improvements registered in the test board such as graphic errors, general bug, abuse, balance suggestions, etc have all been submitted to the relevant department and prioritized corrective action will be conducted.

Q: There are rumors about a second CBT. What is on February 15?
A: Second CBT and an official launch of the game is the most asked question I think. There are rumors going around stating that on February 15, second CBT will target 10,000 participants. The fact is there we haven’t decided the schedule for the upcoming CBT.

This is because it is not possible for us to apply the improvements that you have sent in in a few days. We will analyze the statistics of the first CBT and I believe it will take up some time. Therefore, it is difficult to provide information regarding the future CBT.

Please understand our current circumstances and we will provide information on the website as soon as it is available.

Extra! Interviews of TOS Hot People!

We interviewed 5 “hot issue” users from the CBT. We hope you guys will enjoy it.

1. Tester: Rican (리칸)

Rican Walking Dictionary
Rican is like a walking dictionary

By answering questions faster than GM, he has helped GM Lesley and GM Namuppuli solve problems more easily. GMs were receiving bug reports immediately so patches could be made without maintenance downtime. Many testers also praised Rican for his efforts.

Rican Information Vending Machine
TOS UNICEF! Information Vending Machine

Our operating team felt very grateful to Rican. Thus we are showing gratitude again through the FAQ. Thanks again.

2. Tester: Mojoki (모조키)

Mojoki was known for his homemade “exclusive joystick controller”. He has created a blog post about the whole process. No need to explain, just see below.

Tree of Savior Joystick Controller & Keyboard

Many fans were impressed after we posted this on the official TOS Facebook. He also has a video recording of it playing Tree of Savior CBT.

Mojoki loves joystick games so he built his own controller to enjoy Tree of Savior like an arcade game. He played Swordsman – Barbarian, so auto-attack based plays made him feel as if he was playing in an arcade room. However, he said if he had played Wizard or Archer, targeting might be hard, and gave opinions like calculating damages of long-range attacks by using cells; if it hits accurately 100% damage, a slight miss 80% damage.

Mojoki has his own website about Tree of Savior. All information are well organized as well. He also showed brilliant performance even though it’s only CBT, and hope other users give many support.

3. Tester Envidia (엔비디아)

Envidia is an active member on Naver Cafe (something like Blogspot).  During the first day of the CBT, He just a normal player (wasn’t anything special). He use the joy pad to play the game and explored the map.

Envidia wanted to experience the game in a different way, like playing a game from the 90’s with a guide. He has a secret. He is a programmer, specialized in making maps.

I was very surprised to hear this when I called this person.

He is more interested in exploring the map rather than killing monsters. He has made his own map starting from the beginning of the map through to the church map to the top of the Tower of Wizard.

He did not plan on doing this from the beginning. But since it was the first CBT, he figured there wasn’t any map available. So, in three to four days he spent all his time exploring the map.

Tree of Savior Envidia's Map
This is the structure of the trees of savior map that he made himself.
Tree of Savior Envidia Actualy Exploration
Modified Tree Roots Map (나무 뿌리 수정) was the hardest part.

Envidia’s most interesting place is the Valley of Silver Water (은수협곡) because the falling leaves were very beautiful. Next time let us make a lunchbox and explore together. >ㅁ<

GM Lesley Last FAQ

This is the last surprise FAQ from GM Lesley. If you have any suggestions or questions, please email them at ([email protected]), Facebook, developer blogs, TOS Nexon forum.

We are still translating this article. Feel free to help us out in the forum. 

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