Tree of Savior In-Game Emotions

Tree of Savior 17 In-Game Gestures & Emoticons

Tree of Savior Closed Beta Testing will featured seventeen (17) in-game gestures (emotions). These emotions are not emoticons, they are the visual gestures of the character.

There are a total of seventeen (17) gestures introduced in the CBT. Below are the icons and their names.



Love – 사랑
Victory – 승리
Nice job – 최고
Follow Me – 따라와
Help! – 도와줘
Hi – 안녕
Refuse – 안돼
Sorry – 미안
Thanks – 고마워
Of Course (or OK) – 좋아
Greetings – 인사
Salute – 경례
Cheer up -파이팅
Heart gun – 하트총
Hadouken – 아도겐
Surprised – 놀람
Crying – 울기

The preview of all of the emotions are below. You can view them in full resolution.

All TOS Emotions

Below is the settings for gestures. Basically Ctrl 1 to Ctrl 0 are the control keys to trigger the chosen gestures (not chosen in this image, thus the “?”). However, there is a textbox area called “Conversation Phrases”, where the gesture automatically triggers when the player types the word.

For example, if the [Conversation Phrase] is set to “No” for the “Refuse” gesture. During chat, when the player types “No”, the character will automatically show the “Refuse” gesture.

[Shortcut Key] – [Gestures] – [Conversation Phrases]


If you’re worried that gestures didn’t express your feelings, you can make use of the Tree of Savior emoticons as well as shown below.

Tree of Savior Emoticons

There are currently only five emoticons, we are sure that there are more emoticons to come in the future. But for now, these are the five emoticons in the game.

Tree of Savior Emoticons
(Not actual) Edited to show all emoticons

See it in action.

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