Tree of Savior Companion Feature

Tree of Savior Companion Feature

In the Tree of Savior Closed Beta Testing, you can purchase your companions from the NPC named Christina. She’s one of the hottest NPC in the game with a Bell Hider in Klaipeda city. She is located at the south west side of Klaipeda city.

You won’t miss the companion merchant if you are coming in from Siauliai West Wood. She can also be found on the map if you look for the image of a dog paw.

When you talk to her, she asks:

You’re looking for companionship?
It is hard to find partners like these guys to travel along with you.

You can choose to buy a companion, buy companion item or train your companion using Christina. As you can see from the image, each companion is quite expensive. The first type “Bell Hider” costs 367,000 silver. Where as the second type “Hoglan” costs 1,512,000 silver.

Tree of Savior Companion Types

You can name your companion after you have bought one. Companion can assist you in battle and your character can mount on companion to travel faster across the maps. Each character can bring only one companion into the field. All activities done by the companion will use up his “companion stamina”. You can press “F9″ for companion information.

There are four types of interaction with companions, pet, feed, mount and un-mount. The hotkeys to trigger these interactions are “alt+1″, “alt+2″, “alt+up” and “alt+down”. Feeding pet regenerates his stamina.

Pet interaction
Pet interaction

Companions can level up and have attributes as well. Players can add the following attributes when leveling up a companion:

  • Strength: Damage: +5
  • HP: HP+ 55
  • Physical Defense: Defense: +5
  • Agility: Hit rate +5

Players can buy food and companion equipment as well from Christina. More about companion in our TOSWiki.

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