Stats, Offense/Defense & Elements Effects Explained

Stats, Offense/Defense & Elements Effects Explained

Like Ragnarok Online, Tree of Savior will feature stats, offense/defense and elemental effects tables. We have translated all of the information. With this table, we can compare which element is more effective vs which and what types of attack is more effective on which monster.


There will be five stats in TOS, strength, stamina, intelligence, spirit and agility (left to right in the image).

  • Strength: increases physical damage and critical hit
  • Stamina: Increase HP, HP recovery rate, resistance for critical hit and max weight
  • Intelligence: Increase magical damage and block penetration
  • Spirit: Increase SP and SP recovery rate
  • Agility: Increase hit rate and critical hit rate

During level up, you will receive one stat points. Once you have increased any of these stats, they are reflected on a final overview.

Stats Overview

Tree of Savior Character Stats

Basic Stat
HP Recovery
SP Recovery

Attack Stats
Physical Damage
Magic Damage
Magic Penetration
Block Penetration
Critical Damage
Critical Probability

Defense Stats
Physical Defense
Magic Defense
Splash Defense
Critical Resistance

Character Stats
Movement Speed
Carry Weight

Elemental Damage
Fire Attribute Damage
Ice Attribute Damage
Electric Attribute Damage
Earth Attribute Damage
Poison Attribute Damage
Holy Attribute Damage
Dark Attribute Damage

Elemental Resistance
Fire Attribute Resistance
Ice Attribute Resistance
Electric Attribute Resistance
Earth Attribute Resistance
Poison Attribute Resistance
Holy Attribute Resistance
Dark Attribute Resistance

Size Damage
Small Target Damage
Medium Target Damage
Large Target Damage

Defense Type Damage
Cloth Defense Target Damage
Leather Defense Target Damage
Metal Plating Defense Target Damage
Fluid Defense Target Damage

Race Type Damage
Plant Type Target Damage
Beast Type Target Damage
Insect Type Target Damage
Mutant Type Target Damage
Demon Type Target Damage

Offense/Defense Effects

Different weapons yield different attack types. These attack types have advantage and disadvantages depending on the enemy’s defense mechanism.

Tree of Savior Offense Defense Chart
Orange text = Increase. Black text = Decrease

Four offense types (Vertical): Slashing, Stabbing, Striking and Magic

Four defense types (Horizontal): Cloth, Leather, Metal Plating and Fluid

Elemental Effects

There are seven elements in Tree of Savior: Fire, Ice, Electric, Poison, Earth, Holy and Dark attributes.

Tree of Savior Elemental Chart
Orange = Increase. Black = Decrease

As usual, the x-axis (red) is the attack and the y-axis (blue) is the defense.

That’s all for now, check out our TOSWiki for latest updates. If you have any new information about Tree of Savior please let us know in the forum section.

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