Class & Skill Builder

[English] Tree of Savior Official Class Skill Builder and New Feature

GM Pomona is in charge of the Tree of Savior community management now and he has brought a few changes to the official website and will explain further on the new feature that allows players to swap weapons in game.

The first update on the official Nexon website was a shortcut key to all character classes in the main page of the website.

All Class Main Page

Now you can access all classes available in CBT2. We believe more information will be added later.

1. Updates to Character Info Page

Previously, users can only use the [Class Builder] in the character info page. Now users can view all the available skills when ranking up in the character info page.

Class & Skill Builder
Additional skill information available for all classes

The [Class Information] now shows more information as well.  Now, the class info page shows the [Type] of character and [Difficulty] level. On top of that, skills from all three circles is shown on the right side of the page as well.

Tree of Savior Class Information
Class Type & Difficulty and Skill Descriptions

We have also added the skill descriptions. It would be a good idea to check out the skill descriptions of the class you want to play in CBT2.

2. What about New Contents?

There are a bunch of new contents we would like to share in CBT2. Here is the preview for one of the contents.

Weapon Swap Feature
Weapon Swap Function

One of the main feedback returned in CBT1 was that some skills requires a certain weapon in order to use. With that in mind, we have added the weapon swap function to allow players to conveniently swap between two sets of equipment in order to use the skills.

As you can see, you can add a weapon to the quick slot. You can press [Alt + Z] to swap your weapons whenever you feel like using whichever weapon.

From now onwards, GM Pomona will be preparing all the new contents in Tree of Savior. There are a lot more contents to be shared in the future.

Stay tuned for more info.

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