[English] 11 Feature Updates in Tree of Savior CBT2

[English] 11 Feature Updates in Tree of Savior CBT2

Tree of Savior Closed Beta Testing #2 reveals a lot of new features of the game. Kim Seyong has updated us with the newest features, updates and balance changes in CBT2. It took us awhile to translate the full article, so here goes.

1. New areas and contents

Rank 6 Class quests, contents and areas are added to CBT2. Also, 5 new “Free Dungeon”, which are explorable when you meet the level requirement, are added.

2. Rank 5 and 6 classes


▲ CBT2 will feature “Falconer”, which is the first rank 6 archer class. The falcon may fly away when needed, so make sure to place a bird stand when he returns.

2nd and 3rd circle skills can be used at 1st and 2nd circle for testing purposes. This may be removed next CBT.

3. Joy Pad Mode

Joy Pad can be used to play ToS.


▲ “Joy Pad” mode is available in settings. You can swap skip banks with L1 L2 R1 R 2 keys and press ABXY keys to select skills. This is just for testing purposes and some interfaces and functions are only available with mouse.

If you are a joy pad players, please give us objective feedback on this matter.

4. Item set swap function

You can swap item set fuction through the rank 2 master. If you wish to use this function, please go talk to the master.

5. Party Search Function

We added this function after CBT1. Many users asked for this function.


▲ Public parties can be searched through this function. It would be the best to specify the party description (item sharing, exp distribution, quest sharing)

6. Party Event


Level 100+ party missions have been added. Once you accept the mission, you can start the mission by gathering your party members at Fedimian Mission Hut.

7. New skills and skill balancing

New skills are added/changed to classes that are rank 4 and below. For example, “Zaibas” is changed to electric elemental spell, and “Magic Missile” now duplicated when used on a sleeping target.

Also, we balanced the skills that are too weak or too strong during CBT1.


▲ “Quarrel Shooter” can use “Demolition” to destroy structures such as Ice Wall.

8. Server Data Preview (Alpha)

You can use “Oracle Master” to look at the server’s ranks. It requires a small payment during the CBT.


▲It shows you things such as these. (“The area with most silver gain”, “The area with most monster kill” and etc…)


▲“The area with most silver gain” (shows 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place)

9. Sub Weapons

New sub weapons are added to the patch. You can find them by killing the field boss, opening treasure chest, and exploring hidden areas.

In CBT2, you can buy “detector” and “shovel” from NXP store. they have same functions as Scout’s level 1 “Scan” and Alchemist’s level 1 ”dig”.


▲Shovel in action.

10. Logged out character

Characters with rank 3 or above can be left out in the field even when you are logged out. These characters can open shops for trading and servicing. Also, these characters can be hired as helpers.

Right now, characters disappear after 1 hour after logging off and only one character per account can be left out in the field. In CBT2, you can hire other player’s character by paying 30NXP per hour.


▲Also, you can set up a macro to greet others.

11. Dungeon Bosses got harder!

There were a lot of complaints that CBT1 bosses were too easy. We made some changes.

Article Translated by blueblue.

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