Tree of Savior Nominated For Three Awards in

Tree of Savior Nominated For Three Awards in MMOSite

Gaming news website started an event called the MMOSite Annual Reader’s Choice Awards 2015. Tree of Savior has been nominated for Favorite MMORPG, Most Anticipated Game and Best Graphics Awards. Voting has already begun.

Last year, Tree of Savior won the Best Online Gaming Award & Best Art Award in G-Star 2014.

MMOSite Reader’s Choice Award will be held for one month starting January 7th to February 7th, 2015. It is a worldwide event that involves the entire gaming population. There are 27 award categories and many games featured in the award.

Tree of Savior has been nominated for three awards:

  • Favorite MMORPG Awards
  • Most Anticipated Awards
  • Best Graphics Awards

There are fierce competitors in all three categories mainly games such as Destiny, ArchAge, Lost Ark, Maple Story 2, Blade and Soul, Black Desert, Final Fantasy XIV World of Warcraft and more. Some of them have been published already.

Voting for Tree of Savior

Inven Interviews TOS Development Team

MMOSite has already started to receive votes from their readers. If you are a registered user, you can earn one MMOGold for each votes and a maximum of 15 MMOGold throughout the event.

How to vote for Tree of Savior?

  1. Go to Reader’s Choice Awards event page.
  2. Choose all three categories (or follow the link below)
    – Favorite MMORPG Awards
    - Most Anticipated Awards
    - Best Graphics Awards
  3. Click on “Vote” button
  4. Alternatively, you can visit MMOSite Tree of Savior Nomination Page
  5. Press the “Vote” button

Please note that each IP address is only allowed to vote three times in each category per day. Be sure to vote every day!

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