What Gamers Want from MMORPG Games

6 Key Features Gamers Want from MMORPG Games

Previously, I visited many websites, posted in Facebook pages, emailed many people to ask the question, “Name three things that you love or want most from Tree of Savior MMORPG game”. I am extremely delighted to see all of those who have participated, especially the ones from Reddit. I have crunched all the data to create this blog post. I don’t know how far this post will go, but I hope it reaches MMORPG game developers. Even though the question was regarding Tree of Savior, this article applies to all MMORPG games.

A friend shared Blizzard’s job advertisement video the other day and they (Blizzard) mentioned that “The best ideas may not come from the development team”. Personally, I believe the best idea can come from anyone who is passionate about gaming.

The amount of passionate gamers in the Tree of Savior community is nothing like I have seen before. In the range of one week, I received up to 100 “what gamers want and love” about Tree of Savior game. It took me a few days (in my busy schedule) to compile them. The list may be long so I will try to keep them as straight to the point as possible.

One of the most prevailing “gamer wants” feedback that I received was …

More Difficult Games

Approximately 40% of the entries on game difficulty are about boss difficulty. Majority of the entries reveal that gamers want more powerful and more intelligent bosses. Bosses in most are slow and do not have any form of artificial intelligence. I miss the old days in Ragnarok Online where Baphomet would kill me before I could make any moves in Hidden Temple. Stronger bosses will force gamers to form parties and strategize to defeat bosses. Personally, I would give a big “LIKE” to this. Many developers have “kindergarten” their game in order to pull in more novice gamers; this has indirectly resulted in a quick end to the game.

Evolve Game
Image from Evolve Game – Game bosses should be fast, smart and intelligent.

Other entries on game difficulty include rare drops and harder crafting. Gamers want to go on genocide in order to obtain certain items. Gamers also love perfect equipment that takes a lot of failures to obtain, e.g. the last step of crafting that +9 equipment that no matter the outcome, may cause a player to roll on the floor (in happiness or in tears)

Unique In-Game Conflict

The phrase “There will always be conflict as long as human exists” cannot be used more suitably in MMORPG games. We all want a little conflict in our lives and MMORPG games allows us to “express ourselves”. Most entries are pretty creative with conflicts, PvP, GvG, WoE, clan wars, nation wars, and battlegrounds like a Colosseum. You name it; gamers want it as long as everybody is on a balanced playing field.

This also means that developers should constantly keep track of this data. Developers should create an arena where PvP results are recorded in the system. This will allow developers to make the correct decision on which class to buff and which class to nerf in the future patches. New patch notes make good discussion among gamers.

Stimulating Emotion and Senses

Studies show that emotion causes the increase in attention, which causes brain neurons to fire more frequently and thus increasing the likelihood of encoding an event as a memory. If game developers can program their games in such a way that it affects the subconscious mind of a gamer, gamers will line up to buy the game. I believe Ragnarok Online players are so familiar with the refinement sound to a point of feeling nostalgic whenever it is played.

Brings back memories, doesn’t it?

Most gamers approach a game in a very positive attitude. But when a gamer is exposed to fear, anxiety, near misses, anger and after a few broken computer mice, you can be sure the game will be played and remembered for years! Gamers also want to experience venturing into the unknown. Hidden contents, hidden information and secrets are the best way to tap into this emotion. It is extremely gratifying to discover secrets and solve hidden contents in MMORPG.

Character Customizability and Variety

Another MMORPG game feature that can trigger gamers’ emotion is the ability to customize characters in many ways. Gamers want to be represented by a unique character that nobody has in MMORPG games. The entries for this category include many different builds for classes and many, and I mean a ton of entries wanted full character outlook customization.

Gamers want all kinds of customization, spell effects, character customization from head to toe, headgear to footgear, almost to a point of vanity! I guess we just want to feel different after all.

Player Interaction

A survey by clinical psychologist Sherry Turkle found that gamers’ interactions with other gamers in MMORPG games are real and can stimulate emotional response. This result shows that many of us play MMORPG to interact with people from around the world. With the recent decline in player socialization in MMORPG, gamers are getting less and less interaction in games. This will affect the overall gaming experience and many players are looking backwards to the old days in Ragnarok Online where communication is the only way to get many things done.

To encourage player interaction, one entry suggests that all job classes should be dependable to other classes like a rock, paper and scissors kind of connection.


Other entries that do not have a category include:

  • In-depth crafting system
  • Lateral job class progression
  • Cannot spam HP & SP consumables
  • Samurai class
  • Interesting quests
  • No Bind on Equip (BoE) and Bind on Purchase (BoP)
  • No pay to win

Endless Adventures with Friends

“It is okay not to hit max level”

Lastly, gamers want a sense of adventure with friends in MMORPG games, the kind of adventure that does not have an end-game to it. Most game developers think that games must have an ending. Well guess what, we don’t need one in MMORPG games, thank you very much. Gamers just want to grind in adventure.

Gamers want to be taught only the basics by the game, and then being thrown out into the unknown. From there we will search our way through thick and thin, pay overpriced Acolyte warps, perhaps acquainting new travelers, all in the journey to achieve a target that requires sweat, blood and a virgin princess’ tears.

At the end of the day, we may not achieve the end target, but I am confident that along the way we would have made many good friends, journeyed together, married a couple male friends playing female characters (ew) or had good times just browsing shops and negotiating in the market.

Ragnarok Online Busy Market
Busy market in Prontera, Ragnarok Online

Final Words (if TLDR just read this section)

While I was summarizing the entire list of replies and writing this article, I realized that the replies from the community debunked many gaming myths:

  1. MMORPG games with interesting storyline is king
  2. It is okay to spoon feed gamers
  3. Having a conclusion to a MMORPG game
  4. Favoritism towards gamers who pay more money
  5. The game should be easy enough for gamers of all ages to play
  6. Gamers will love high end graphics games

My research is mostly MMORPG participants from Ragnarok Online background. For game developers, my advice is: listen to gamers and venture into the unknown where nobody has ventured before.

For gamers, help us share this post, spread the word and let game developers know. Also let us know what do you think about this article and what you would add if you are writing this article.

Maple Example
Gamers love MapleStory as well despite being a low graphics requirement game
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One thought on “6 Key Features Gamers Want from MMORPG Games”

  1. I hope Tree of Savior won’t make these mistakes. Some of the worst things I’ve seen in games and mmorpgs is the lack of ‘depth’ in character customization. Visual glamour aside, I don’t want my statistics to be determined by the gear I wear only. Give the players some control over them like in classic days. This can lead to very unique characters and it won’t always be a loot fest in order to stand out.

    There were so many stats in Ragnarok and that equated to a lot of possibilities. Its a shame that Tree of Savior streamlined and condensed the stats into 4 categories but with 1 stat per level, I can see why. I appreciate that they only give 1 stat point per level. It gives a lot more significance to a single point. A lot of mmorpgs have these bloated stats that I don’t even care anymore. Not that I had any control over them in the first place.

    Then there’s the repetitive auto combat system that I abhor. I can go on about it but I think any avid gamer pretty much understands why some dislike auto combat.

    Then there’s the Theme Park mmorpgs. Zones with little to no re-visit value. Pretty much the whole game becomes about grinding to the last zone area. What’s the point of having lore without some re-visiting value? Its like the developers just built this elaborate world only to make it useless/unattached because they followed a Theme Park routine or something similar where players could care less about exploration or discovering new things.

    As a mmorpg player for over 10 years, I have a few quibbles to complain on my part.

    1. Swords. Too many swords. I see some games have some variety here and there but the the weapons are just so lackluster in uniqueness. I don’t want flashier swords with engraved dragons or flames or whatever. I don’t want that 50m tall bow made for titans. There’s not a lot of thought put into blunts, polearms or other “very slightly” exotic weaponry.

    2. Hidden content. This. A lot of the reason why I don’t always go for single player rpg games is because I have this tendency to check out the lore online beforehand and that tends to ruin the overall experience a bit since there’s little surprise. With mmorpgs, it’d be great for there to be hidden secrets throughout the game just for players who take their time exploring or talking to npcs or “getting to know the lore”. I play mmorpgs for the thrill of being where nobody has gone before. Or completing a task that no one has before. In short, I like secrets. And with a lot of videos about video game ‘secrets’, its no doubt that there are many other players (mmorpg or not) that enjoy discovering secrets.

    3. Novices! I really enjoyed the fact that some of the earlier mmorpgs allowed players to start with a clean slate/novice. They didn’t push players to accept a class. It was just commonly accepted that after a certain level as a novice, one chose a class. But with Ragnarok, I had the option of staying as a novice forever! or become a super novice. The main idea is the freedom I had as a player to do what I wanted with my character.

    4. I feel that mmorpgs are “too fair” to players and treat everyone equally. Personally, I’d like to see that certain players start off a little differently than others, maybe with a unique item or a unique status or class. Or that some players might come across a unique quest that would be given out once throughout the entire game’s history.
    As a mmorpg player or rpg player, its essential that players don’t view themselves as the main character. I just hate that when games make the player out to be some special deity for the sake of having a storyline to follow.
    It’s difficult to explain in words but let me make it clear that I am against freeform nonsense as well. I want there to be a story for the players to discover themselves. Each player should have a unique ‘journey’. But achieving that is a bit too ambitious in the first place. Its more of a fantasy of mine.

    5. Item uniqueness/variability
    I have no idea if Tree of Savior is implementing a randomness to the items’ stats. All I read was something about item weights. But that aside, I’ve seen some recent mmorpgs with loot that just seem a bit dull. Aside from visual dullness, there’s the stat dullness. Every weapon is the same without enhancements of any kind. That feels bland in itself.

    I’ll end this horrifically long post with my biggest problem summarized.
    Blandness. So many mmorpgs I play nowadays are just bland. I already know some of the current features of Tree of Savior and I’m not too enthused about them but the number of features I look forward to outnumber the ones I don’t by far.

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