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Ragnarok Online Mastering

Reasons Why Ragnarok Online Failed

I shared an article a week ago on why was Ragnarok Online so Much Fun, written by Ramona Smith and it is one of the best written article I have read on Ragnarok Online. This time, I am writing the opposite, why Ragnarok Online failed. As a website dedicated to Tree of Savior (a highly acclaimed successor of Ragnarok Online) game, I will try my best to be as neutral as possible.

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Understand Game Addiction Law in South Korea in 5 Minutes

In the western part of the world, Game Addiction Law is uncommon in the news. Gaming is big, but not part of our culture. However, in South Korea, Game Addiction Law is a topic that sparks interesting discussion among people directly or indirectly involved in gaming. These laws are affecting everybody involved in gaming and I think it is crucial for the rest of the gaming world to understand what is going on in Korea. First we take a look at the definition of the Game Addiction Laws.

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Ragnarok Online Merchant

Why was Ragnarok Online so Much Fun?

I came across this article “Why was Ragnarok online so Fun?” written by Ramona Smith. It’s been a long time since I’ve read a review on Ragnarok Online and I must say, Ramona has done a superb job in explaining the x-factors built into Ragnarok Online. This article was also shared by Kim Hakkyu. It is pretty long (21 pages) but definitely worth every minute of it especially if you’re a fan of Ragnarok Online and Tree of Savior.

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Top 5 RPG Online Games to Play in 2014/2015

Top 5 RPG Online Games to Play in 2014/2015

As much as I am looking forward to Tree of Savior, the upcoming RPG online games in the fourth quarter of 2014 and 2015 are going to be a treat to all gamers from around the world. Here I have compiled the top 5 upcoming RPG online games gamers want to play in 2014/2015. Let’s start with the first one immediately. This list is not in any order.

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What Gamers Want from MMORPG Games

6 Key Features Gamers Want from MMORPG Games

Previously, I visited many websites, posted in Facebook pages, emailed many people to ask the question, “Name three things that you love or want most from Tree of Savior MMORPG game”. I am extremely delighted to see all of those who have participated, especially the ones from Reddit. I have crunched all the data to create this blog post. I don’t know how far this post will go, but I hope it reaches MMORPG game developers. Even though the question was regarding Tree of Savior, this article applies to all MMORPG games. Continue reading

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Welcome to

TreeofSaviorGame First Blog Post

Greetings and Welcome to Blog,

I am Andronicus and thanks to the development team, we have established a community blog for Tree of Savior game.

Tree of Savior is a game that has a lot of potential in the MMORPG gaming industry and we want to do our best to showcase the game as much as possible for the fans and the MMORPG community. If you are new to Tree of Savior game, I would recommend you to read up the introduction in our ToSWiki. When you have familiarized yourself on Tree of Savior game, I would like to invite you to join our community forum.

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