Tree of Savior First CBT Screenshots & Hint of Second CBT

Tree of Savior First CBT Screenshots & Hint of Second CBT

The Tree of Savior Nexon website just got “real” earlier today when the first CBT results were announced. There were forum posts were made every few seconds and everyone was sharing their results. In the midst of the chaos, we have managed to get some Tree of Savior Screenshots. 

Downloading client from Tree of Savior website.


Patching and downloading updates.


One of the screenshot closely resembles the “Crystal Mine” dungeon as we have covered before in the patch notes. Here is a full HD illustration of the dungeon.

Crystal Mine

According to a previous interview, Kim Seyong mentioned that there are some instances in the tree itself. We believe that this is the map closely resembles his idea.

Inside the Tree

Bear in mind that all these images are illustration only that is obtained while patching the Tree of Savior client. I don’t think it is the top view of the dungeon itself. Like our Facebook page and visit the album for more screenshots.

Planning For Second Closed Beta

While we are looking forward to the first beta testing for Tree of Savior, imcGAMES have more in store for us. Just a couple days ago, the Game Rating Board has updated the number of participants (evaluate personnel) to 10,000 participants.

Second TOS CBT - 10000 participant
Google Translated Words

Now, before we ask “will second CBT international?” I do not think anybody can answer that other than imcGAMES. From the FAQ #4, we know that there is something planned for us after the first CBT. Ten-thousand participants cannot even cater for all the South Korean gamers eager to play Tree of Savior because the number of gamers who registered this time for CBT was 90,000.

Anyhow, please stay tuned and join our forum for more Closed Beta Testing information as we cover more information tomorrow.

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