Koreans Looking Forward to Tree of Savior But Expects Improvement

Koreans Looking Forward to Tree of Savior But Expects Improvement

Recently, a South Korean website, Inven (the largest gaming news website in Korea) created a poll on Tree of Savior. The poll contains nine (9) questions that allow South Korean gamers to rate Tree of Savior from different factors.

Q1: What is your first impression on ‘Tree of Savior’ ?

Category Percentage Votes
Quite Satisfied 35.9% 145
I do not know it well enough yet 35.9% 145
I’m very disappointed 10.1% 41
I’m satisfied with almost everything 9.2% 37
Falls short of expectations 8.9% 36

Results show that 45.1% are pretty much satisfied with the current state of Tree of Savior. 35.9% wanted more information to make that judgement and 19% were disappointed. Understandable result if we consider the fact that Tree of Savior is still in development. Also, everyone’s first impression of the game may vary depending on whether the person is actually playing the game or watching a video.

Q2: What is your favorite class?

Category Percentage Votes
Wizard family 27.3% 103
Swordman family 25.5% 96
Archer family 24.7% 93
Cleric family 22.5% 85

The results are pretty much even across the board. However, Swordsman and Wizard classes are definitely stronger and easier to use than Archer and Cleric classes.

Q3: What is the main advantage of Tree of Savior ?

Category Percentage Votes
Beautiful graphics 36.8% 259
The various classes 20.2% 142
BGM 19.7% 139
Quests and community tools 8.9% 63
Various costumes & street decorations 8.2% 58
Boss events and instances 6.1% 43

As expected, graphics, classes and BGM are the selling point of Tree of Savior. However, Inven did not include another selling point of TOS, which is “freedom to explore”. Many of the Koreans felt that the game is very quest based and does not offer the freedom to explore cities. Boss fights is definitely something imcGAMES should look into in development.

Q4: What requires improvement in Tree of Savior?

Category Percentage Votes
Too much monotonous battles 33.2% 215
Stamina that limits the actions 26.4% 171
The stats and skills systems 22.2% 144
The keyboard controls 14.5% 94
The classic 2D graphics 3.6% 24

Monotonous probably meant that due to the slow cooldown of skills and fast character movement (when mounted), players can kite monsters and bosses all day. Keyboard control was one of the topic discussed in the Korean community, some of them got used to the keyboard control but some never liked it.

Q5: What do you think about the graphic concept adopted by Tree of Savior?

Category Percentage Votes
Very attractive and cute 47.7% 180
It suits me ok 41.6% 157
Awkward and inconvenient 7.2% 27
Do not care much 3.4% 13

It seems that art director Maggi Ann has done a great job in the art & graphics department.

Q6: Are you satisfied with the Battle System in Tree of Savior?

Category Percentage Votes
I think it’s okay 41.6% 155
Lacking 40.5% 151
It is very good 10.7% 40
Do not care much 7.2% 27

40.5% of South Koreans felt that the the battle system of Tree of Savior in general is somewhat lacking. Specifics were not given, but it has got to do with a few things, quest, long cooldown, kiting and easy bosses.

Q7: Which part of the Battle System are you satisfied with?

Category Percentage Votes
Monster appearance, including cut scene 31.7% 110
Cool attacking styles 31.7% 110
Variety of situational strategy 22.8% 79
Smooth game feeling 13.8% 48

Q8: What do you want in the next CBT?

Category Percentage Votes
“Please increase the number of participants” 30.5% 240
“Increase test period because the time is insufficient” 20.8% 164
“I’d like to test a wider range of classes” 19.1% 150
“Housing and companions activation/improving” 9.9% 78
“More PvE content” 9.7% 76
“I want to go to more areas.” 5.1% 40
“Tester’s grand event” 5% 39

Based on an article we have covered on Korean Game Rating Board, we believe the next CBT will cater 10,000 testers. Increasing the testing period will indirectly allow players to test more classes.

Q9: What are your expectations for the development of TOS?

Category Percentage Votes
Great expectations 58.6% 214
Little expectation 32.9% 120
Do not expect much 4.4% 16
Do not know what to expect, 4.1% 15

Even in first CBT, 58.6% have great expectation in Tree of Savior.


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