Tree of Savior Released Official Chinese Blog

Tree of Savior Released Official Chinese Blog

As we are moving ever closer to CBT2, imcGAMES has released the official Tree of Savior Chinese, or more specifically Taiwanese (TW) blog. Now if you visit the official Tree of Savior Blog, you will notice that there are three languages that can be selected.

Tree of Savior Chinese Blog

These languages are Korean, English and Traditional Chinese. Upon doing some research, we learnt that traditional Chinese is used in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. Although the Chinese blog is still empty at the moment, but in the future we will be expecting Chinese contents as well as English and Korean during blog updates.

As far as localization is concerned, we believe that the Chinese region has already secured their publisher since G-Star 2014, and right now imcGAMES is catering blog updates for the Chinese region as well. For English server, we are looking forward to an international CBT after Korean CBT2. We believe this will take place in the second half of 2015.

Image from Tree of Savior Taiwan

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