New Class Introduction: Squire and Centurion

New Class Introduction: Squire and Centurion

The official Tree of Savior blog has just released a new blog that introduces two new classes. They are Squire and Centurion from the swordsman class. This article is a translated article of the official Nexon Korean blog.

This is Kim Seyong from the TOS Development Team.

We have received plenty of feedback regarding our previous article featuring alchemist previously. We want to thank you for all your kind feedback.

This time, we would like to feature Squire and Centurion. These classes will be introduced in CBT2. Since most of us are very unfamiliar with these classes, we thought that it will be a good idea to explain through the blog to help you understand more about them.

Squire Introduction

Tree of Savior Female Squire Tree of Savior Male Squire
▲ Squire, Male and Female

Squire is a supportive class in Rank 5 of the Swordsman line. Squire does not have combat skills, however a Squire can arrest monsters and limit its movements. This skill can even be used on large monsters.

Tree of Savior Squire Vending

As Blacksmith fixes items, Squire can also fix items that have low durability.  In this case, the items fixed by Squire last longer with sturdier durability compared to the items fixed by Blacksmith.

Tree of Savior Squire Repair Durability

▲ Durability is 58/38, you can see that the item is over-fixed.

New Class Introduction: Squire and Centurion

Squire can also touch up items to increase their stats temporarily. You can set up a stall to touch up other players’ items after receiving some payments from them.

Tree of Savior Squire Weapon Touch Up

▲Professional weapon touch up by Squire gives ATK +14 for 4 hours or 200 attacks. Let’s go meet Squire again when the effect fully diminishes.

Squire can set up a base camp for its party members on the fields.  Party members can return to the base camp from anywhere in the game and the camp also serves as a Storage.

Tree of Savior Squire Base Camp

▲ When you are hungry, you should eat even if it’s raining.

The snacks prepared by a Squire in the base camp can temporarily increase party member’s stats such as maximum HP, maximum SP and etc.

Also, buffs that can be casted on party members at the camp increase the duration time maximum twice compared to buffs casted on other fields so make appointments and meet your party members here.

Centurion Introduction

Tree of Savior Centurion
▲Female Centurion

Previously, Centurion has been introduced before prior to CBT1. This time, Centurion will be featured as Rank 6 Swordsman Class.

Tree of Savior Centurion Formation

Centurion opens so-called Formation by ordering “Call-Up”.  The people who want to participate Formation pass their controls to Centurion.

When you want to go out of Formation, just press one of directional keys to go out of Formation.

We used to have an exclusive Formation UI at the last year’s version of TOS to change each member’s location, but we deleted this UI after we found an easier way.

Now, the commander, Centurion can type in the numbers that are displayed on Formation to change locations of party members.

Centurion can also strategically change Formation and go out of Formation any time.

  • “Phalanx” concentrates Blocking rate to the 3 members in the first row.
  • “Testudo” increases all members’ Blocking and Defense rates.  All members will move slowly and unable to attack, but it will be useful in penetrating crowded battle fields.
  • “Crane Wing” decreases Defense rates of all enemies that enter into the field so it is useful when concentrating attacks to a herd of enemies.  Players can move while in this Formation so it will be more effective when there are more long-range attacking characters.
  • “Schiltron” is useful when defending against rushing enemies
  • “Wedge” concentrates all attacking power to the person at the front.

Other Formations such as “Skirmish” is a 3rd circle skill which won’t be included in CBT2 so I omitted it from this post.

Watch this video for better explanation.

We are working very hard to bring CBT2 to you. We will reveal the CBT schedule later on this website (Nexon Tree of Savior website).

Also, we are planning to reveal the changelog for CBT2 as well.

Thank you.

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