ChangYou Announce Publishing Rights for Tree of Savior in China

ChangYou Announce Publishing Rights for Tree of Savior in China

ChangYou, a Chinese game publishing company has officially announced partnership with imcGAMES and publishing rights for Tree of Savior in China at the GAME+ conference yesterday. Prior to the GAME+ conference, there were virtually no signs of Tree of Savior in China except for one image. An electronic tour of the GAME+ conference revealed an image that caught many eyes.

ChangYou Tree of Savior Publisher

ChangYou first announced Warframe, World of Warships, Chinese Paladin 6 (unofficial name) and Wild Immortals (unofficial name) at the GAME+.

At the end of the conference, ChangYou Group President Mr. Wang announced that there was “one more thing …” and it was partnership with imcGAMES to publish Tree of Savior in China. The Chinese Tree of Savior will be translated in Simplified Chinese. Mr. Wang is planning to begin testing Chinese Tree of Savior later this year in China and aims to launch the full game by 2016.

Korean CBT2 will begin in Spring 2015. We will keep you updated whenever we have more information. Here is the announcement video.

Announcement Video

Credits to Tree of Savior Taiwan FB Group.

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