Tree of Savior Korean CBT2 Schedule, Updates and FAQ

Tree of Savior Korean CBT2 Schedule, Updates & FAQ

The schedule for Korean Closed Beta Testing (CBT) 2 has been announced in the Nexon Tree of Savior page. As anticipated, Korean CBT2 will accommodate 10,000 testers and the test will take place for five (5) days on April 21st to April 26th, 12PM to 12AM.

If you are a Korean and have a verified Nexon account. You can register your interest to participate in the test from April 2nd to April 13th on the TOS Nexon website. The first 3,000 CBT1 participants is automatically grant access to CBT2 and need not apply again. Their service is required again to evaluate the improvements made from CBT1 to CBT2.

Participants: 10,000 Testers
Registration Period:
April 2nd – April 13th
Testers Announcement Date: April 17th
Testing Period: April 21st – April 26th

Testing Policy

Bear in mind that streaming is still prohibited in CBT2. However, screenshots on blogs and upload video recordings on YouTube is allowed.

Content Updates

CBT2 will have more classes (up to Rank 6) classes compared to CBT1.

Tree of Savior CBT2 Classes

There are also more companions, quests, and other various contents.


Q1: Can we use gamepads for Tree of Savior?
A1: Most Windows OS supported gamepads are supported.

Q2: Can I change my character’s hair and eye color?
A2: Once you have completed some achievements, you can change your hair color.

Q3: What’s next after CBT2? CBT3 or full game release?
A3: Future service or CBT3 will be decided after we have evaluated CBT2. Once we have decided, we will guide you through our websites.

Q4: Can I live broadcast CBT2?
A4: Because Tree of Savior is still in testing phase of the game development, please refrain from live broadcasting Tree of Savior testing contents online. Testers will be disqualified from testing if found violating the testing policy. However, posting a screenshot or video recording is accepted.

Q5: What content is added in CBT2?
A5: There are new classes, new companions, new quests and various other contents added in CBT2.

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