Tree of Savior International Publisher & CBT Dates Announced

[April Fools] Tree of Savior International Publisher & CBT Dates Announced

This is an April Fools joke

imcGAMES has announced the international publisher for Tree of Savior. As promised, the international closed beta testing (CBT) will begin after the Korean CBT2 in May 2015. The main language for the international server will be English, translations are currently still in progress in Github.

According to imcGAMES, the first international CBT will accommodate only up to 5,000 testers even though they expect more than 100,000 participants to register for the international CBT. Testers can register their interest for the international CBT on May 4th to May 11th, shortlisted testers will be announced on May 24th. Testing periods are May 29th to June 3rd 2015.

Participants: 5,000 Testers
Registration Period:
 May 4th – May 11th
Testers Announcement Date: May 24th
Testing Period: May 29th – June 3rd

Like the first Korean CBT, the international CBT1 will offer contents only up to rank 4 classes and there is no level cap. The aim of the international CBT1 is to ensure that the language packs translated in Github are accurate and to iron out bugs in the game.

Tree of Savior International CBT - Fourth Ranks

Server Deployment Phases

Due to the resources and manpower involved in rolling out the international servers, imcGAMES have decided that for the international CBT1, the localization servers will be located in South Korea and North America.

All testers’ latency will be evaluated so that more servers can be placed in more strategic locations to reduce player’s latency in future tests.

Tree of Savior International CBT Poster
Tree of Savior International Closed Beta Testing Poster

Testing Policy

Like before, live broadcasting the international CBT is prohibited. Players caught live broadcasting their games in the CBT will be banned from testing the game. However, players can still take screenshot and upload their game play videos on YouTube.


Q1: Is the international server open to everyone around the world?
A1: Yes, the international server is open to everyone except for those countries that publishers have already licensed to publish Tree of Savior.

Q2: Are there any changes to the international CBT1 compared to the Korean CBT1?
A2: Yes, major bug fixes and improvements have been made since the Korean CBT1.

Q3: Can I play Rank 5 and above classes?
A3: No, the aim of the first CBT ensure there are no errors in translations and ironing out bugs. Players will be able to play Rank 5 and above in the next international CBT.

Q4: Where can I register my interest to test in the international CBT?
A4: We registration website will be available on May 4th. Please be patient as we will guide you through the registration process later.

Tree of Savior International CBT

Q5: Is this an April Fools’ Joke?
A5: Yes. Happy April Fools’ Day.

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