Tree of Savior Submitted on Steam Greenlight

[Official] imcGAMES submitted Tree of Savior on Steam Greenlight

imcGAMES has officially made an announcement on the submission of Tree of Savior into Steam Greenlight in their developer’s blog. The submission was made into Steam Greenlight in the morning and in less than 10 hours, it is available for voting in Steam Greenlight.

The fastest game ever to be greenlit in Steam  was SUPERHOT in 2013. Tree of Savior was greenlit in Steam in less than 10 hours. The anticipation from the fans for Tree of Savior is very real.

Tree of Savior Greenlit by Steam

Steam Greenlight is a platform where developers and publishers can submit their games on Steam. It is used to gauge the response from the public and create a community around the game while the game is still under development. If a game is ranked 1st or 2nd place at any given time, Steam staffs will contact the developer to discuss about future partnership.

Future follow up and more information will be released later in the blog.

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