CBT2 Q&A - imcGAMES Developing Mouse Controls For TOS

CBT2 Q&A – imcGAMES Developing Mouse Controls For TOS

Tree of Savior Project Director, Kim Seyong released a Q&A blog article about Closed Beta Testing 2. Many questions were answered. One of the key issue discussed in the article was the mouse control that is under development.

Q1. Class Masters were spread out in different parts of the field and it was hard to find them.
A1) We wanted to utilize the whole map, but CBT2 testers didn’t like that idea. We are thinking about having all the class masters to be stated in every town.

Q2. I couldn’t use certain skills depending on the equipped item; is this intended?
A2. It is not intended. We simply didn’t have enough sprites to make some skills usable with a certain item combination. We will fix this by adding more sprites to the game, next patch.

Q3. How many class ranks are released in OBT?
A3. The original plan was to release 10 + 1 ranks, but we are rethinking the rank mechanic. There might be 8 ranks in total with 20 hidden classes, but nothing is definite.

Q4. Is auto attack canceling an intended mechanic?
A4. Short answer, yes. Instead of increasing passive attack speed, we wanted to reward players who have good micro. However, microing can get tiring after long hours of playing, so we are debating rather to keep this mechanic or not. Currently, we made it so jump attacks consume stamina. The balancing team is debating rather to give stamina cost to auto attack canceling.

Q5. Skills in this game are either really useful or really useless.
A5. We are planning to keep on balancing as the game plays out. We’d like to focus more on the mechanic of the skill rather than only numbers. I know a lot of people complain about how auto attacking is overused even at max level. Well, we have no intention of changing that. Also, some skills will not be used as frequently as other skills, but they will be more useful than others when used at correct situations.

Q6. Quests are boring and unrewarding.
A6. We believe the quests are boring because Tree of Savior supplies players with unlimited number of quests. Instead of just giving out quests like candies, we are planning to make quests harder to find and make the prizes more rewarding.

Q7. The battle feels terribly slow in today’s standard. Are you planning to make it go any faster?
A7. The algorithm simply doesn’t allow us to go any after. Sorry to say, but this is as fast it is going to get.

Q8. Are there going to be any more party oriented contents? Other than monster killing?
A8. We are making A LOT of party events right now. I am not completely sure if there are going to be party events; let’s leave that to our imagination for now. Also, we are making parties more beneficial. We will give you more information when we have a solid idea.

Tree of Savior Same Quest

▲ “There is a player who is in a same quest as you. >>see more..”

Q9. Game Pad support was good, but the targeting mechanic is still difficult.
A9. After CBT2, we have a different idea for mouse control mechanic. Our main programmer is working on the new mechanic.

▲ The new mechanic at work. It uses both the mouse and WASD keys.

Q10. There was no game pad vibration option.
A10. We removed the vibration, because of the battery consumption and user fatigue. We might add it in next patch.

Q11. Dodge and Crit chance is not displayed accurately and I find it very inconvenient.
A11. We can’t give you an accurate Dodge/Crit chance, because each monster have different dodge chance and critical prevention modifier. Later on, “Appraiser”(archer class) will be able to detect accurate critical/dodge chances of the monsters and the players.

Tree of Savior Appraiser Class

▲ “Appraiser”(archer class) can also detect accurate stats and weakness of the monsters.

Q12. Helper(offline character) is useless. It only auto attacks.
A12. We wanted to implement swap system, where you can control the Helper. But there was a UI error right before the CBT2. We will make sure everything works next test, so please give us the feedback later.

Tree of Savior Helper Swap

▲ The swap button remains gray.

Q13. When is the next CBT?
A13. CBT3 will have so many new contents and changes so the previous testers might feel foreign in a new environment. Maybe we will start doing some International testing or do Focus Group Test 2 (FGT2). Nothing is decided as of now. We are planning to interview some of the top Tree of Savior testers later on.

Thank you for the support.

Article Translated by: blueblue

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