Preparation For Tree of Savior International Testing

Preparation For Tree of Savior International Testing

There was an announcement from imcGAMES today regarding the preparation for TOS international test. There were little details but it is safe to say that Steam may be used for Tree of Savior international beta testing.

Apparently countries that have publishers for Tree of Savior such as Korea (Nexon KR) and China (ChangYou) will be IP blocked from playing on the international server.

Tree of Savior was greenlit by Steam under 10 hours on May 12th. Tree of Savior is the fastest ever game to be greenlit by Steam. Previous record was held by SUPERHOT, that was greenlit under 5 days.

Here is the full announcement of the international testing preparation.

Hello. We are Tree of Savior (TOS) Service Team.

First, we want to appreciate all of you who supported and cheered for the TOS Greenlight campaign on Steam.

We are planning to initiate a broad test with participants from abroad and Steam is one of the methods that we have in our mind. To do so, we submitted TOS into Steam Greenlight as a preparation for that.

We haven’t set the exact schedules, but even if we launch TOS through Steam, we will block the access and will not apply the language packs from the countries like Korea and China that we already signed contracts with. We seek for your understanding in advance.

Thank you.

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