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Goddess Gabija

Tree of Savior CBT1 Q&A Answered, CBT2 in Spring and New Class!

Kim Seyong, the project director of Tree of Savior has posted a Q&A blog post in the official Tree of Savior blog. This Q&A article answered many questions regarding Closed Beta Testing 1 and confirmed that there will be a Closed Beta Testing 2 around Spring 2015.

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Goddess of Life, Saule

Maggi Introduces Goddess of Sun, Saule

Maggi has introduced us the Goddess of Sun, SaulÄ—. All of us were introduced to Maggi in the Q&A session with Leslie. She is the art director of Tree of Savior and she is responsible for majority of the concept art that you have seen in Tree of Savior. Just a few minutes ago, Maggi tweeted a new Goddess of Sun, Saule, who looks extremely similar to the Goddess of Destiny, Laima.

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