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Warpportal Censorship

Gravity US Censors “Tree of Savior” and “TOS” in Forum

Warpportal.com, a website operated by Gravity Interactive, Inc. (Gravity US) has secretly censored the word “Tree of Savior” and the acronym “TOS” in the forum. The word filter built into the website will automatically filter “Tree of Savior” as “Ragnarok Online” and “TOS” as “Ragnarok Online 2”.

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Tree of Savior Patch Notes Analysis, Sumary & Discoveries

Tree of Savior Patch Notes Analysis, Summary & Discoveries

Since the last blog post, the TOS community has been getting limited information on Tree of Savior. Everyone is hyped about the Closed Beta and can’t wait anymore for more information about TOS in November. However, during my free time after work, I’ve been crunching, not stressing my stomach but crunching on numbers, summarizing and analyzing what we have discovered from the patch notes.

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