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imcGAMES Confirms NEXON as Tree of Savior Publisher

imcGAMES’s Tree of Savior Confirms Nexon as Publisher in Korea

Just 30 minutes ago, imcGAMES has publicly announce that Nexon will be their publisher for Tree of Savior in Korea. imcGAMES will be responsible for servicing and development, while Nexon will be responsible for business and marketing. This relationship will not affect international CBT. 

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WolfKnights Online

WolfKnights Starts Friends & Family Alpha Testing

IMC Games’ WolfKnights Community Manager, Leslie announced in Twitter that WolfKnights will begin family and friends’ alpha testing phase today. Friends and family members of IMC Games’ staffs can enjoy the early bird alpha testing in IMC Games’ studio. WolfKnights is IMC Games’ newest 3D MMORPG game.

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Tree of Savior Giltine & Laima

Six Countries Most Hyped About Tree of Savior

IMC Games has been pretty much silent about Tree of Savior for the first half October, only four patch notes throughout the month. So, I decided to find out which country is the most hyped about Tree of Savior. We all know Tree of Savior is developed in South Korea, but as far as Google is concerned, South Koreans are not the most hyped about Tree of Savior.

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TOS Question & Answers #2

Tree of Savior Questions & Answers #2

CM Leslie interviews Director syKim on the Tree of Savior Game. Below are the summary excerpt.

  1. The story of Tree of Savior begins with a huge tree. After the tree has appeared, the Goddess disappeared and stopped protecting humans from monsters. After a long period of suffering, some warriors were selected by Laima, Goddess of Destiny. These warriors will save the Goddesses.
  2. Number of character slots is determined by the barrack size. Players will start with four character slots.
  3. Server wide chatting is available using a mic.
  4. Developers are planning to have a market for players to register their item. Auctions is also available in the market.
    Auction Items
  5. Level cap of 100 in CBT.
  6. Players will start with four classes in the game and branch out to a total of 80 classes in the game.
  7. Players can decide to not advance to upper classes and only train basic class to upgrade existing skills.
  8. All classes can craft in the game using Adventure Journal. Players can also share crafting manual with other players.
    Item Crafting
  9. Bosses are not hard if players understand their movements. Bosses in raids and fields will be more difficult.
    Tree of Savior Bosses
  10. Mouse usage in the game is very limited. Character movement is mostly done via a keyboard.
TOS First Gameplay Video

First Tree of Savior Gamplay Video Revealed in G-Star 2013

Tree of Savior is an extremely anticipated game by various players from around the world. In G-Star 2013, Kim Hakkyu has decided to reveal the first gameplay video to the public.

IMC Games was initially exhibiting WolfKnights in the B2B exhibition area in G-Star 2013 gaming trade show. However, the general public was keener on learning more about “Project R1” game that was introduced in Hangame EX 2011. So Kim Hakkyu surprised the public with a Tree of Savior Trailer.

Kim Hakkyu said that they initially did not plan to release the video to the public. However, G-Star 2013 looked like the perfect place to introduce some information to the media.

Tree of Savior is completely different from the battle style title “WolfKnights”. Tree of Savior is 2D animated character on a 3D background, similar to Ragnarok Online. Many games out there have claimed to enter the Ragnarok Online niche, however most of them failed. Kim Hakkyu does not know why many failed, but as the father of Ragnarok Online, he certainly knows what he’s doing.

Kim Hakkyu want to build IMC Games similar to LEGO (toy) brand, where they aim to work on many Intellectual Properties (IP) in variety of games.


"Project R1" Renamed as "Tree of Savior"

IMC Games Renamed Project R1 to Tree of Savior

NHN Entertainment (old publisher, new publisher unknown) announced that IMC Games has renamed “Project R1” as “Tree of Savior”.  It took approximately 12 days for IMC Games to find the name. The focal point of the game will be the spirit of the forest, the “savior tree”.

The game features a 2D character in a 3D environment in an isometric view of the surrounding, differentiating Tree of Savior from most 3D MMORPG games. This decision to create a 2.5D was pushed by the depreciating attention on 3D games. So one day the developer said “Let’s make a 2D game that highlights the attractiveness of the game”.

“Project R1” has undergone four years of development. Most of the basic contents has been developed and right now the developers are refining the game. CBT is expected to begin at the second half of this year.

"Project R1" Renamed as "Tree of Savior"

When interviewed Kim Hakkyu, he said “I want to create a friendly, cute and casual game”.  Kim Hakkyu is the lead developer of popular online game “Ragnarok Online” and “Granado Espada”.