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Tree of Savior Questions and Answers #5

Tree of Savior Questions & Answers #5

After Maggi’s interview yesterday, SyKim is back again to give answers to more questions this week. Here are the summary of the Tree of Savior Q&A report #5.

  1. Transportation methods include warping between statues of Vakarine, the Goddess of the Evening Star or using warp items.
  2. When using certain skills that casts on certain spots on the ground:
    – Hold skill hotkey, select location using directional keys then release skill hotkey.
    – Alternatively, if you hold and release skill hotkey, skill will be cast in front of players character.

    Game UI that tells the player to press the “D” button repetitively
  3. There are abnormal status (such as stunned) on characters, there are de-buffs for them as well.

    Tree of Savior Stunned Status
    Stunned status. You can see yellow stars even when you close your eyes in stunned status
  4. Companions occupy Barrack slots and can be shared across other characters in the same barrack.
  5. When players start the game, they can pick a companion to join with any character into the field.
  6. The developers have plan for companion equipment.
  7. Character voices are sound effects are prototype at the moment.
  8. Some skills can be collaborated together between classes. e.g. Sadhu can give vitality to other classes.
    Tree of Savior Wizard Collaboration
    Attack the monsters using the fragments you can get from hitting Ice Wall

    Tree of Savior Sadhu Collaborating with Monk
    ”Sadhu” can give it’s vitality to the other classes. But by doing so it won’t be able to move.
  9. Attack/skill damage depends on monsters’ species, size, defense, attribute of attacks, skills and de-buff status.
  10. Dual long swords on both hands has not been confirmed yet in TOS.
TOS Question & Answers #2

Tree of Savior Questions & Answers #2

CM Leslie interviews Director syKim on the Tree of Savior Game. Below are the summary excerpt.

  1. The story of Tree of Savior begins with a huge tree. After the tree has appeared, the Goddess disappeared and stopped protecting humans from monsters. After a long period of suffering, some warriors were selected by Laima, Goddess of Destiny. These warriors will save the Goddesses.
  2. Number of character slots is determined by the barrack size. Players will start with four character slots.
  3. Server wide chatting is available using a mic.
  4. Developers are planning to have a market for players to register their item. Auctions is also available in the market.
    Auction Items
  5. Level cap of 100 in CBT.
  6. Players will start with four classes in the game and branch out to a total of 80 classes in the game.
  7. Players can decide to not advance to upper classes and only train basic class to upgrade existing skills.
  8. All classes can craft in the game using Adventure Journal. Players can also share crafting manual with other players.
    Item Crafting
  9. Bosses are not hard if players understand their movements. Bosses in raids and fields will be more difficult.
    Tree of Savior Bosses
  10. Mouse usage in the game is very limited. Character movement is mostly done via a keyboard.
TOS Question & Answer #1

Tree of Savior Questions & Answers #1

Tree of Savior Official Blog posted an article on Tree of Savior Q&A #1, below is the summary of the article.

  1. Tree of Savior is completely MMORPG. However during quests, cut scenes, and event scenes, player may be temporary switched to independent mode to avoid interruption.
    Tree of Savior is fully MMORPG
  2. Tree of Savior is played fully using a keyboard, mouse may not be used.
  3. Player’s gender is not linked to character’s gender.
    Not Gender Locked
  4. There are four basic classes in the game; Swordsman, wizard, Archer and Cleric. It is possible to further develop the class without switching to an upper class.
    Class Advancement
  5. Maps in the game are zoned.
  6. Different classes have exclusive costumes. Player can wear accessories on hair, head, weapons and shields.
  7. There are no plans for Player versus Player (PvP) yet. However, there will be some kind of tournaments where single or party players can attend. Developers are also planning on large scale PvP contents.
    Tree of Savior PVP
  8. Large volume of quests are prepared, but most of them are not mandatory.
  9. Quests are all registered in Adventure Journal.
    Adventure Journal
  10. Plan to launch CBT in summer. (Editor’s Note: CBT launch has been delayed)
  11. Game is not completely optimized yet, so the developers did not reveal the system requirements.