CM Leslie Interviews Art Director Maggi An Jeong-won

CM Leslie Interviews Art Director Maggi An Jeong-won

Special this Friday! CM Leslie interviews the person behind the artwork and design of Tree of Savior. She is the art director of Tree of Savior, Maggi An Jeong-won. The summary of the interview is below.

  1. Maggi An Jeong-won (안정원) is the art director who has been working in IMC Games for a long time
  2. TOS selected quarter view because timing is very crucial for the game and players can be more immersed with the third person view of quarter view. This is also the reason angle rotation is removed.

    Quarter view which emphasizes player’s visibility
    Quarter view which emphasizes player’s visibility
  3. The designers emphasis on details and wanted to give a fairy tail feeling; most textures are hand drawn.
    Tree of Savior Diorama
  4. TOS has some dystopian elements which is dark and evil. The details and expression of the game is a combination of bright and darkness.
  5. Interactive objects (such as pulling levers) is part of the design.

    Tree of Savior Interactive Objects
    Pull the lever to ride on the cable car
  6. Staffs travel to many places to collect documents for background and costumes.

    Fedimian Design Based on Bhaktapur, Nepal
    ’Fedimian’ is designed based on the information we collected from Bhaktapur, Nepal.
  7. TOS motive is mostly based on Lithuanian mythology.
  8. Classes in the game are based on Baltic mythology.
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