Tree of Savior CBT Application For 3,000 Testers Has Started

Tree of Savior CBT Application For 3,000 Testers Has Started

Tree of Savior Closed Beta Testing (CBT) application has begun at 3PM Korean Standard Time. The test has been confirmed for 3,000 test participants. GM Leslie published a new post today to announce the recruitment of Tree of Savior CBT testers.

The recruitment dates will start from today at December 29, 2014 (Monday) to January 11th, 2015 (Sunday). The selected participants will be announced on January 14, 2015 5:00 PM. A day prior to the CBT.

Many eager CBT participants have been posting stories on the Nexon bulletin boards while waiting for the CBT tester’s registration. Everyone is eager to register as soon as possible even though it is not a first come first served basis.

CBT application will need to answer some survey during the application. Participant’s answers to the questions may affect the success rate of the application. Also, only one application is accepted even you apply it several times, so please refrain from submitting multiple applications

First CBT will begin on January 15, 2015 (Thursday) to January 18, 2015 (Sunday).  Beta testers will be presented with a special “title”, an “armband item” and also a chance to receive “Nexon Cash”. We are pleased to welcome you to join our CBT.

Please visit the TOS Nexon website to register (If you have a Korean Nexon account).

Translated by: Insung Kim

Please message us in our Facebook page to contribute to translations. CBT application survey is below for reference.

Questionnaire Translation

  1. Define “Tree of Savior” in short words, using the best matching word please.
  2. Select the genre game you`ve most enjoyed.
    – MMORPG 1 (WOW, Icarus, black desert, Blade & Soul, etc.)
    – MMORPG 2 (Lineage, Ragnarok, Diablo 3, and so on)
    – MMORPG 3 (Maple Story, Tales Weaver, The Kingdom of the Winds, etc.)
    – Sports (FIFA Online 3, Free Style, etc.)
    – Casual / Racing (Audition, Karting, etc.)
    – RTS (Starcraft, etc.)
    – FPS (anywhere, CAS, sports, etc.)
    – Mobile RPG (Monster Taming, Seven Nights, stars doeeora etc.)
  3. Please tell us the name of the game you recently enjoyed.
  4. Please select the primary way to get information about the Tree of Savior. (Choose two)
    – Online / Internet Advertising
    – Newspaper / TV Ads
    – Community sites (blogs, cafes, etc.)
    – Professional game media (game webzine, game shows, games, magazines, etc.)
    – Recommendation of a friend or acquaintance
    – Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
    – Video media (YouTube, Pandora, Africa, etc.)
    – Other (Please Specify)
  5. Please tell us your goal for participating CBT. (Minimum 10 characters enter, you can enter up to 200 characters)
  6. Which is the most anticipated job class?
    – Swordsman
    – Cleric
    – Archer
    – Wizard
    – Other (Please Specify)
  7. What is the most promising elements in Tree of Savior?
    – Various former system
    – Basic combat / impact feel
    – Cooperative, Party Play
    – Production, enhanced content, such as life forms
    – Extensive story
    – Graphics, BGM

Survey questions translated by Father from Tree of Savior Brazil.

CBT Survey Questionnaire
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