Tree of Savior Latin American Server Is Opened

Tree of Savior Latin American Server Has Opened

IMCGAMES has just announced the opening of Latin American server. With Steam’s worldwide support, they have managed to cater for the massive fanbases there in Brazil. The server name is called Saule.

The Latin Americans definitely deserves this. There have been petitions to prevent local publishers to publish this and the TOS fans there are huge. We are glad to see IMCGAMES react to the wishes over there. However, we are unsure whether this will continue or not after CBT2. Perhaps the data obtained from Saule server will help IMCGAMES make a better judgement.

As for other regions, please do not give up. Rally your fans, the TOSGame Forum have specific forums for fans from different countries to gather and make their voices heard. We’d love to see Tree of Savior cater for different regions so that everyone can play a lag free Tree of Savior.

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