Are Musical Notes the Official Written Language in Tree of Savior?

Recently one of our forum member posted this in the forum. I find it interesting so I’ll post in the blog again. Apparently from one of the Adventure Achievement screenshot, the book shows a music note. Or is this a graphical bug?

“I was looking at some images, and I have come to a conclusion that music notes are the written language in TOS

Great decision by the designers because music connects everyone no matter which place you’re from or which culture you’re from, music is understood by everyone and music brings people together.”

Tree of Savior Official Written Language
Treble Clef in Adventure Journal

The book in the Adventure Journal screenshot above shows a character much like the musical note “Treble Clef” 

What’s interesting is if that character is indeed a Treble Clef, my question is why is the girl holding the book upside down? I’m not a bit surprised at all if it is a mis-design by the design team, besides, the game is still in its Alpha stage.

I’d like to know what are your thoughts on this.

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