60 Facts about Tree of Savior

60 Facts About Tree of Savior (Pre-CBT)

Weekends! Oh the dreadful weekends where patch updates are non-existent and nobody is working in IMC Games to complete our much awaited game, Tree of Savior. However, I feel a strong urge to write a summary of what we know so far on Tree of Savior and the company working on the game, IMC Games. I will let the numbers do the talking.

1 developer company, IMC Games
1 balance changes on wizard and archer class
2 types of barracks revealed so far
2 types of mythologies based, Lithuanian (motive) and Baltic (classes)
2 ways to repair your equipment: Ironsmith NPC or Squire class
2 ways to use a sword: Bashing or Thrusting
2 types of game engine (internally developed) and graphics engine from Wolfknights
2 fireballs can be created at a time
2.5 dimensional gameplay (quarter view)
3 major cities: Klaipeda, Siaulai, Katyn
3 types of item enhancement techniques
3 hours is required for bosses to revive
4 goddesses
4 focus group tests (FGT)
4 character slots in barrack at the start of the game, upgrade-able
4 item grades: Normal, Magic, Rare and Unique
4 shapes of jewels: Round, Quadrangle, Diamond and Star
4 languages supported: Korean, Japanese, English and Mandarin
5 main stats (STR, STA, INT, SPR, AGI)
5 ranking categories in Adventure Journal
5 other games developed by IMC Games – Granado Espada, Wolfknights, Solitaire League & Black Citadel
5 chat channels: All, Public, Shout, Party, Whisper
5 times the decrease of armor when durability reaches 0
5 times the number of buffs a player can receive
6 audio companies working on Tree of Savior’s sounds and music
6 attack properties revealed so far: Fire, Ice, Holy, Poison, Darkness, Lightning
6 highlighted peoples so far: Kim Hakkyu, Sevin, Maggi, CM Leslie, Hebrew Young, SyKim
6 types of Centurion formation
8 ranking scores that contributes to Adventure Journal ranking
8 directions of character movements
8 types of equipment slots
9 revealed focus group test participants
9 skill attributes discovered so far
9 characters can join a Centurion formation
10 class Advancements
10 silvers required to make a warp
12 videos released on Tree of Savior and Project R1
13 Q&A answered
13 patch notes
13 monsters revealed so far
16 character concept arts created and published by Maggi and her team
20 blog updates
20 item hotkeys
20 skill balance updates
23 bosses monsters revealed so far
29 types of unofficial headgears discovered
44 revealed classes
50 costumes that are unrelated to class costumes – May 9th, 2014
70 percentage completion is the Closed Beta Testing – May 9th, 2014
80 classes
100 level cap in Closed Beta Testing
146 skills discovered so far (or more)
200 bosses
200 territories
255 bytes size per message in chatbox
339  bug fixes and updates so far
2009 is the year Kim Hakkyu started “Project R1”
2013 is the year “Project R1” is renamed to “Tree of Savior”
2013 is the year the first gameplay video (or trailer) is released
27,200 official Facebook page fans at the time of writing

Totaled to 60 facts, hopefully we will have the chance to add the 61st fact about Tree of Savior, which reads “2014 is the year Tree of Savior CBT is released”. Also after adding all the links I noticed that this article feels like link spamming (Google’s archenemy). But it does not matter, I want all of you to be able to relate to the information I found, consider it as a citation to the source.

Please let me know if there’s anything that I have left out or miscalculated.

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