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Tree of Savior Patch Notes – 1st Oct

1st October – Early and pretty short patch notes from the developers. To read the full list of patch notes from 10th Sept to the latest patch notes, please visit the Tree of Savior Wiki. Continue reading this article for today’s patch notes. Please contact us via the Facebook Page if you want to contribute by translating Korean documents into English.

– Hyohyeon Jeong

First Patch Notes


  1. Added more Boss monster drops
  2. Modified Skills: 몬스트런스, 아우쿠라스, 피네스트라, Crossguard (크로스가드), 배경음악 추가
  3. Added background music
  4. Removed target effects for bosses in the early regions
  5. Revised Linking skill
  6. Modified Dievdirbys skills
  7. Revised 협곡지대 (Canyon Zone) quest
  8. Added (more) items into Items shops

Bug Fixes

  1. Synchronization modification (?)
  2. Revised awkward/uncomfortable movie clips (?)
  3. Revised Monsters skill effects

Second Patch Notes


  1. Combined terms: Defense > Defense (Only valid for Korean wording)
  2. Skill revision: Crossguard (크로스가드), Ice Blast (아이스블래스트), Frost Pillar (프로스트필라)
  3. Buffed Dievdirbys skills
  4. Changed loading image
  5. Added feature for Wizard and Archer class: Pressing “Ctrl” key will lock-on target
  6. Added buff effects for 블랜드타임 (blending time skill? – Some Chronomancer skill possibly?)
  7. Renewed quest for 칠채곡
  8. Improved quality of item drop (?) for quest bosses
  9. Change item drop is affected by DPK (Damage per Kill?)
  10. Added skill collaboration [Sleep + Bash,Thrust = Bleed Debuff]

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed issue with Archer class having abnormal character outlook
  2. Fixed issue when skill buffed disables UI
  3. Fixed some quests that failed to progress
  4. 아이템 획득 시 획득메세지가 근처 다른 캐릭터에게 보이는 현상 수정
  5. 몬스터가 죽었는데 캐릭터에게 대미지 들어가는 현상 수정

Art by: AEJung

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