Tree of Savior Patch Notes Analysis, Sumary & Discoveries

Tree of Savior Patch Notes Analysis, Summary & Discoveries

Since the last blog post, the TOS community has been getting limited information on Tree of Savior. Everyone is hyped about the Closed Beta and can’t wait anymore for more information about TOS in November. However, during my free time after work, I’ve been crunching, not stressing my stomach but crunching on numbers, summarizing and analyzing what we have discovered from the patch notes.

To date (October 2nd, 2014), IMC Games have released up to 339 bug fixes and balance changes combined. Game balance is one of the highly discussed topic in any competitive gaming, let’s dive straight into it.

Balance Changes

Consolidated data analyzed: 56
Patches that made TOS game easier: 37
Patches that does not affect TOS game difficulty: 8 (could be higher)
Patches that made TOS game harder: 11

Bosses & Monsters

Newbie Friendly Fixes:
Early region bosses have reduced HP. Spawn time has been reduced from 3 hours, specific time unknown. Monsters have slower reaction time and movement speed. EXP gain is also increased for monsters

Pro Gamer Friendly Fixes:
Experience is reduced for field bosses. HP increased for quest bosses. Monsters will naturally have more HP when faced with a bigger party. Monsters will follow characters at a longer distance and will be able to close-in on classes that can kite monsters such as Archer and Wizard.

Character & Classes

TOS First Gameplay Video
Newbie Friendly Fixes:
Generally buffed Swordsman, Wizard and Archer classes. Specifically buffed Dievdirbys, Peltasta and Highlander. Swordsman basic splash range increased. Party members benefit from HP increase of 50% – 100% depending on party members. Each player can receive up to 5 buffs.

Pro Gamer Friendly Fixes:
Nerfed Pyromancer overall damage and reduced damage of Archer’s AoE skills.


Newbie Friendly Fixes:
Increased item drop rate for gem, hair costumes, ingredients, and recipes. Drop items have also been increased for boss monsters and added more equipment drops.


Newbie Friendly Fixes:
Overall Potential and durability increase for all equipment. Two-Handed sword enjoys increase in ATK and range. Higher level (3 Stars) equipment are also cheaper to upgrade. Equipment prices reduce by 15% and equipment recipe prices reduced as well.

Pro Gamer Friendly Fixes:
Repair cost has been increased. Weapon durability affects skill damage and armor will decrease by five times when durability is zero.


Newbie Friendly Fixes:
Price reduction for Potions and Anvils. Gem has increased effect and enhancement is cheaper as well. Megaphone weights zero.


Newbie Friendly Fixes:
Other newbie friendly patches were increased field respawns of Tree Roots (restores Stamina) and increased experience rewards in quests.

Pro Gamer Friendly Fixes:
Warp cost increased, warp cost fix has been applied up to 3 times.

Balance conclusion: please bear in mind that because a reference point was not established (we haven’t played the game to determine it yet), the balance changes only explains whether the game is getting more challenging or less challenging. It does not accurately judge whether Tree of Savior is an easy or hard game.

Skills Discovery

Tree of Savior Monk Sunray Hand

Most of the skill patches are animation, timing and sound related. Below are all the skills discovered so far from the patch notes. Feel free to suggest translations in the comment section.

  1. Ice Bolt
  2. Enchant Fire (인챈트 파이어)
  3. Fire Pillar
  4. Firewall
  5. Lethargy
  6. Physical Link (Soul Link)
  7. Joint Penalty
  8. Swift Step
  9. Aim Steady
  10. Bounce Shots
  11. High Anchoring
  12. Oblique Shot
  13. Full Draw
  14. Stone Arrow
  15. Pavise Deployment
  16. Kneeling Shots
  17. Stone Picking
  18. Steady Aim
  19. Aspersion (아스퍼션)
  20. Charging (차징)
  21. Bash (배쉬)
  22. Concentrate (콘센트레이트)
  23. Guardian (가디언)
  24. Oblique Shot (오블리크샷)
  25. Full Charge ( 풀차지 )
  26. Psi Blast (자이바스)
  27. Magic Missile (3rd circle) 매직미사일(3서클)
  28. Earthquake (2nd circle) 어스퀘이크(2서클)
  29. Energy Bolt (에너지 볼트)
  30. Ice Blast (아이스블래스트)
  31. Frost Pillar (프로스트필라)
  32. Cure (큐어)
  33. Fireball (파이어볼)
  34. Sacrament (사크라멘트)
  35. Caltrop (캘트롭)
  36. War Cry (워크라이)
  37. Frenzy (프렌지)
  38. Crossguard (크로스가드)
  39. Arrow Rain (화살비)
  40. Cartwheel (수레바퀴)
  41. Fluid Explosion (유체폭발)
  42. Kata Stroke (카타스트로크)
  43. Aukulaseu (아우쿠라스)
  44. 몬스트런스
  45. 배경음악 추가
  46. 피네스트라
  47. 마캉달
  48. 마름쇠 인석
  49. 블랜드타임
  50. 새비지리
  51. 베라지
  52. 멜스티스

Attributes Discovery

Very few attributes were adjusted in the Patch Notes.

  1. Critical damage (치명타 피해)
  2. Guard (경비병)
  3. Bow Mastery

Bosses Discovery

Tree of Savior Boss Discovery

From the earlier part of the patch notes, bosses respawn time was 3 hours. That was reduced eventually in a later patch. Below are the bosses discovered from patch notes. View full list of Bosses and Boss Gallery.

  1. Mallet Wyvern (말렛와이번)
  2. 클래스몰 보스 몬스터의
  3. 미션 포아타 보스
  4. 호그마 전투대장 (Battle Bear Captain?)
  5. Minotaurus (미노타우루스)
  6. 언락커
  7. 카너버

Items Discovery

While pushing for CBT, the devs have been adding more items into various item shops. When performing individual trades, it is possible to change items and there will be double verification before confirming the trade. When an item is dropped (loot), it belongs to the player who killed the monster for 1 minute. If nobody picks up after 1 minute, the item will disappear after 2 minutes. Players cannot pick up silver when inventory is full. If player has gems in inventory during death, there is a probability of the gem getting destroyed. Below are all the items discovered in the patch notes.

  1. Quarrel Bow (쿼럴보우)
  2. Crook (크룩)
  3. Megaphone (확성기)
  4. Hair Costume (헤어 코스튬)
  5. Mission Stone (미션석)
  6. Japtem (잡템) – Random Loot
  7. Warp Scroll
  8. Silver
  9. Gem (젬)
  10. 부베투사 건틀릿

Quests Discovered

Most quests fixes are centered on UI fixes, modifying and reworking quests. Player can decide to turn on/off guide arrows for quests. Main quests will be indicated in the mini-map. Below are the discovered quests with number of updates.

  1. Leaf Veil Plateau Quest (너울고원)
  2. Spine Heart Dale Quest (가시마음골) – Updated 2 Times
  3. Gate Route Quest (관문로)
  4. Descended Tree Garden Quest (내린나무 화원)
  5. 협곡지대 (Canyon Zone) Quest – Updated 3 Times
  6. 테넷성당 (Tenes Cathedral) Quest – Updated 2 Times
  7. 겔리고원 (Gelri Plateau) Quest – Updated 5 Times
  8. Classes First Job Quest
  9. 내린 나무화원 (Lower Wooden Garden) Quest
  10. 갤리고원 Quest
  11. 판토 토템 Quest
  12. Forest of Thorns Quest
  13. 칠채곡 Quest


  1. Devs have added a quick mount and unmount controls for companions
    (Mount: Alt + ↑, Unmount: Alt + ↓)
  2. Treasure boxes in hidden areas
  3. Finally decided to add fog of war after 3 modifications
  4. Added more BGM (Background Music)
  5. Stamina affects maximum weight
  6. Potential will only drop during a failed enhancement
  7. Added sounds to skill, monsters and etc
  8. Chat restriction of 255 bytes size
  9. Enhancement can be done near Goddess Statues
  10. Monsters will not spawn near Vakarine statues
  11. Added Hair Accessories

Progress of Patch Notes

The graph below shows the number of patches, it doesn’t look like the developers are slowing down with the patches of Tree of Savior game. I am pretty sure the developers in IMC Games are pushing for some sort of proper showcasing of the game at G-Star game trade show in 2014. Until then, follow us and we will keep you updated with the latest translations, news and TOS wiki!

If we miss anything that is worth pointing out, let us know in the forum. Also, tell us what do you think about the patches so far. And if you like our articles then Facebook Like & Share and Tweet it!

Image Source: Pittan Art


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