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Tree of Savior Patch Notes – 6th Oct

Patch Note is back after a five days of MIA! To read the full list of patch notes from 10th Sept to the latest patch notes, please visit the Tree of Savior Wiki. Continue reading this article for today’s patch notes. Please contact us via the Facebook Page if you want to contribute by translating Korean documents into English.

– Hyohyeon Jeong

New Discovery

  1. 낙우림 Quest
  2. 오른팔강화 Skill
  3. 디프로텍티드 존 Skill
  4. Boss respawn time = 2 hours


  1. Renewed 테넷 성당 (Tenes Cathedral) quest
  2. Renewed 낙우림 (Camel Rainforest) quest
  3. Boss monster respawn time has been modified to two hours
  4. Modified the need to press “enter” when searching item in Inventory. (auto updates search result ?)
  5. Changed Attribute Shop to show silver cost (?)
  6. Revised Skills: 오른팔강화 (Arm Strengthening?), 디프로텍티드 존
  7. Increased quest EXP
  8. John moved Arrow effect change (?)

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed issue with character hair animation was not produced
  2. Fixed issue where character eyes were not blinking while standing
  3. Fixed issue with “Back” button still appearing even after party has completed quest (?)
  4. Fixed quest sharing button not cancelled (?)
  5. The party is exposed to abnormal state when the log out icon Back Symptoms (?)
  6. Share in the quest text alerts fired the phenomenon (?)

(?) Denotes translation requires native translation.

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