Tree of Savior Patch Notes

Tree of Savior Patch Notes – 14th Oct

Finally! After 8 days and a lot of whining from the fans (lol). IMC Games finally released some patch notes. To read the full list of patch notes from 10th Sept to the latest patch notes, please visit the Tree of Savior Wiki. Continue reading this article for today’s patch notes. Please contact us via the Facebook Page if you want to contribute by translating Korean documents into English.

– Hyohyeon Jeong

Character Reset Information

  • If BGM is not playing normally please check the internal bulletin board.

Character Reset

  • Server Open (restart?) Time: 8PM (KST)
  • Server reboot reward: For accounts with user ranking from 1st to 20th since the last reset (except for the same type of the character), when making a new character 500,000 silver will be rewarded for a single time only
    (Not sure if this applies for CBT or internal testing)


  • Changed formula for attack damage from % increase to + increase
  • Revised some attack skill that takes 0 seconds to learn (acquire) (?)
  • Quest separation work in progress (?)
  • Adjusted item drop rate
  • Revised character animation
  • Completed server and client optimization
  • First primary updates for companion features
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