Tree of Savior Patch Notes

Tree of Savior Patch Notes – 27th Oct

Monday is not blue anymore when there are Tree of Savior patch notes. New skill today: OBE. To read the full list of patch notes from 10th Sept to the latest patch notes, please visit the Tree of Savior Wiki. Continue reading this article for today’s patch notes. Please contact us via the Facebook Page if you want to contribute by translating Korean documents into English.

27th Oct – Patch Notes

  • Skill fixes: 유체이탈 (Out of Body Experience – OBE), 유체폭발 (Fluid Explosion)
  • Damage Increase attributes added for the following 2nd circle and 3rd circle classes: Psychokino, Sapper, Bokor and Dievdirbys
  • Changed monster placements
  • Holding down “alt” key allows player to see tooltips of the accessories (bracelets) he would like to switch to
  • Boss Fixes: 불경스러운 데스위버 (Blasphemous Death Weaver)
  • Fixed some UIs
  • Renewed quests: Old Ruins, Wizard’s Tower, Royal Tombs
  • Fixed issue where players are warped without confirmation messages (?)
  • Fixed Bokor skill tooltips
  • Increased item durability for 파이브 해머 (Five’s Hammer?)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed synchronization bug relating to knockdown status
  • Modified to display quest information such as “Title”, “Area” and “Purpose”
  • Fixed issue where wrong figures are displayed in the accessories option (?)
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