Tree of Savior Patch Notes

Tree of Savior Patch Notes – 29th Oct

IMC Games release their newest patch update on Tree of Savior. Potions now have cooldown! To read the full list of patch notes from 10th Sept to the latest patch notes, please visit the Tree of Savior Wiki. Continue reading this article for today’s patch notes. Please contact us via the Facebook Page if you want to contribute by translating Korean documents into English.

29th Oct – Patch Notes


  • Changed party quest sharing (item & experience) distance
  • Fixed some quest animation (?)
  • Fixed some boss monsters’ skills
  • Modified potion (usage) cooldown and price
  • Modified party information UI to be processed differently according to party distance
  • Buffed attack damage of 연출 Boss monsters
  • Fixed skill tooltips information
  • Fixed Skill: Bash

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue when entering quest as a party, quest animation did not simultaneously played for all players (?)
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